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At a Crossroads: Lessons from HAMP

A new report from the National Consumer Law Center analyzes the record of the government’s main mortgage modification initiative, and where we go from here.

AFR in the News: SEC Jobs Act Rule Comes Under Fire

In a telephone press conference co-hosted by Americans for Financial Reform, investor advocates and the president of a state securities regulators’ group sharply criticized the SEC’s proposed rule to permit the mass marketing of private stock offerings. The four speakers were united in asking the

USA Today Calls for Financial Transaction Tax

“In a sane world, high-frequency trading would be a minor specialty at best,” says a 9/27 editorial. “But in the bizarro world that Wall Street has become, such activity now makes up the majority of all trades…” With the SEC preparing to hold a hearing

It is Time for Wall Street to Pay its Fair Share

As most Americans struggle to pay their share, we can’t help but notice that Wall Street is not. Many of the economic problems we face today, from deficits to unemployment, were in large part created by reckless and excessive speculation on Wall Street. It is therefore

AFR Press Statement: Senate Passage of JOBS Act

“We are deeply disappointed by the Senate passage of the so called “JOBS Act.” With the country still suffering from hard times and high unemployment in the wake of the financial crisis, it is almost unbelievable that the Senate would rush passage of measures that will undermine transparency and accountability in the capital markets, and expose our families to a new round of fraud and abuse. But that is what they have done.”

Write your Senators: Oppose the so-called Jobs Act

The so-called “JOBS Act,” which guts a host of investor protections, including those put in place in the wake of the Enron scandal and the financial crisis, was rushed through the House without any attention to its potentially devastating impact on investors, market transparency, and the integrity of our capital markets. It is up for votes in the Senate today, and Senators will have a last chance to stop it from racing through as is, and to demand improvements to protect investors and the public.