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Take Action: Fight the payday Debt Trap by supporting H.R. 5050

Right now, your member of Congress is considering a bill that would make sure that payday loan sharks can’t charge sky-high, triple-digit interest rates on their deceptive loans. Passage would be a big victory in the fight against the predatory payday Debt Trap. Use our online tool to send an email to your members of Congress, telling them to support H.R. 5050 to fight the payday Debt Trap!

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos appears in a hearing looking sad

Take Action: Don’t let Betsy DeVos hurt student loan borrowers

Since the mid 1990s, student borrowers who were defrauded by their college have been entitled to have those loans canceled. Betsy DeVos wants to change that. In the fall of 2016, the Department of Education updated this rule to clarify the process and add protections.

Take Action: Stop Wall Street’s Raids on our Economy

Our economy is in crisis. Wall Street billionaires have bought our politicians and engineered our laws to make it easier to buy and pillage major companies, line their own pockets, and escape consequences it has on working people and our communities when the company fails.

Take Action: Demand JPMorgan Chase End Forced Arbitration!

In a recent email to credit card holders, JPMorgan Chase notified its existing customers that they will now be subject to forced arbitration for any past and future dealings with the company. The new policy, which affects 47 million accounts, strips customers of their rights