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Messaging for Financial Reform

AFR’s CORE MESSAGE SLOGAN: Hold the Big Banks Accountable Short Version Optional lead-in It’s outrageous that after taking trillions of our tax dollars in bailout money, the big banks are back to business as usual, taking billions in profits and bonuses and spending hundreds of

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Too Big to Save? How to Fix the Financial System

An event at the Center for American Progress In the aftermath of regulatory failures that led to an unprecedented global financial crisis, the rules of the road are being rewritten. The House of Representatives passed legislation late last year and the Senate Banking Committee is

Here’s Your Chance to Ask a Banker

Bill Thomas, the Commissioner of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) today invited the public to send him any and all questions they have about the financial crisis.   Thomas said that the bankers will have to answer all questions even if they are trivial,

Watch Bank of America Negotiate with Homeowners

Tomorrow evening, PICO faith leaders will take a big step forward to hold big banks accountable to our communities. PICO leaders from across the country will travel to Antioch Family Church in Antioch, CA to participate in the nation’s first negotiation session since the financial

Move Your Money!

Financial reform activists from around the nation are fueling a new campaign that encourages consumers to “Move Your Money” from the big bailed-out banks to small local banks. Your accounts with the big Wall Street banks are unwittingly helping to fund the fight against reform. 

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Financial Times: CFTC head blames OTC derivatives for crisis

The Financial Times recently published this article about the role of derivatives in the current economic crisis.  The report focuses on Gary Gensler, Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and his recent statement that over-the-counter derivatives “were at the heart and not a side