Script for Calling Congress About the CFPA

Download this information as a PDF.

Use this when contacting Congress and asking for support for the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.


Senate contact information:

House contact information:





Hi, my name is ____________ and I am calling from _________ to urge Representative/ Senator ___________ to pass swift and comprehensive reform of our financial system.

The key to putting our economy on the road to recovery is ensuring transparency and accountability in our financial system.

We need a strong and fair regulatory system that has the resources and authority necessary to police Wall Street and the big banks.

Real financial reform must include a consumer watchdog agency, like the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency, which will set basic safety standards.

It’s imperative that Congress acts to protect consumers like myself and guarantee we will not face another meltdown like the current one.

[Add in your own comments about your experience with predatory lending or unfair loan products and practices.  Your story could help sway your elected officials!]