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Events: Alexa Philo, AFR’s Senior Policy Analyst, Testifies Before the House Financial Services’ Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Monetary Policy

Increased capital requirements in the Fed, FDIC, and OCC’s Large Bank proposal strengthen the banks’ ability to withstand stresses that would otherwise imperil their financial viability and hurt depositors, customers and the economy. Robust capital levels prevent financial crises that have vastly disproportionate impacts on Black, LatinX and other underserved communities. AFR strongly urged the agencies to move forward on these proposals as more well-capitalized banks are better able to provide credit to customers and communities, advancing economic justice and helping the economy to work better for everyone.

Event: Short Documentary on Private Equity, “OpenGate SHUTDOWN,” Screened at the SOGO Film Festival

The captivating short documentary “OpenGate SHUTDOWN,” produced by Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund, took center stage at the SOGO Film Festival. On Aug. 12, Ricardo Valadez, the private equity campaign manager at Americans for Financial Reform, joined a discussion about the impact of the Janesville, Wisconsin-based Private Equity firm, OpenGate Capital, on Hufcor Inc. and the Janesville community.

Events: Lessons for Bank Regulation and Oversight from the 2023 Banking Stress

Please join the Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund (“AFREF”) to discuss lessons learned from stressed conditions in banking during 2023. Keynote speaker Graham Steele, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Institutions, will speak to the takeaways for bank regulation and oversight, followed by a distinguished panel of banking, financial regulation and climate finance experts moderated by AFR-AFREF’s Advocacy & Legislative Director Renita Marcellin

Events: Renita Marcellin’s EconCon 2023 Appearance

We are thrilled to announce that our Advocacy and Legislative Director, Renita Marcellin, is a featured speaker at EconCon 2023 (June 8-9). Marcellin is sharing insights on the reasons behind the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and delving into other important topics. 

Media Advisory: Experts discuss judicial attempt to destroy CFPB funding  

Remarks and Q&A with prominent legal experts on the extreme attempt by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn CFPB’s payday lending rule and destroy the funding mechanism Congress created for the agency, a step that threatens to unleash chaos in consumer finance markets and inhibit the agency’s work in protecting consumers.


Why Crypto is not the Solution to Financial Inclusion

Americans for Financial Reform and the Take on Wall Street campaign gathered several experts on July 1 to lay out the multiple ugly truths about crypto and addressed a few reasons why we should not take the promises made by its most enthusiastic advocates at face value, and why regulators need to use the authority they already have to oversee this market.