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News Release: Biden Bank Regulation Plan Offers Critical First Steps to Reversing Deregulation

Washington, D.C. – The banking regulation plan outlined by the White House today is an absolutely necessary response to the financial instability triggered by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on March 10. But only continuing action by the president, the regulators, and Congress can achieve the changes necessary for a more equitable and stable financial system. 

Guest Blog: Do Not Revamp or Defund the CFPB

Congressional Republicans have moved on to their next target for financial deregulation: Republicans in Congress and the consumer finance industry want to eliminate or hobble the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The agency has provided $16 billion in restitution or cancelled debt to 192 million consumers since the agency began operation in 2010. It’s one of the few institutions, public or private, that has earned Americans’ confidence in a long time.

Letter to Regulators: Silicon Valley Bank Failure Demonstrates the Need to Implement Key Executive Pay Rule, Dodd-Frank Section 956

AFREF, the Institute for Policy Studies, Global Economy Project, and Public Citizen led a letter with 22 additional signatories to the agencies tasked with implementing section 956 of Dodd-Frank. That section tasked six agencies with promulgating regulations to prevent incentive-based executive compensation that encourages “inappropriate risk” by May 2011.  Almost 12 years later, we don’t have a final rule. The letter was sent to regulators ahead of congressional hearings that will examine recent bank failures.

In the News: Child care costs rising with more private equity firm investments (Scripps News)

“Increasingly, in the past — especially after the pandemic — we’ve seen this big surge in parents who are interested in providing other activities for their kids that they weren’t able to previously do. And so, as a result of that, we’ve seen much more money from the private equity industry go into childcare,” said Andrew Park, senior policy analyst at Americans for Financial Reform.