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AFR Briefing: Bond Market Liquidity, Regulation, and the Public Interest

Recent months have seen increasing claims by some industry participants and their allies that new regulations are negatively impacting bond market liquidity in ways that may harm the economy. What is the truth of these claims? Is there in fact a serious problem with bond market liquidity? Are recent market events such as the October 15th Treasury market disruption related to new regulation, or to other market changes such as increases in electronic trading? How should regulators respond?

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AFR Briefing: Presentation to Senate Banking Staff on Regulation of Large Regional Banks

AFR organized a briefing for Senate Banking staff on the regulation of large regional banks and the potential risks to the financial system that could emerge if regulatory authority over these banks is significantly diminished. AFR Policy Director Marcus Stanley and Professor Heidi Schooner of the Catholic University School of Law presented at the briefing.

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Press Briefing: Senator Jeff Merkley Joins Barney Frank and Public-Interest Advocates in Decrying Dodd-Frank Rollback Threat

In a telephone press briefing, Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and former Representative Barney Frank, co-author of the landmark 2010 financial reform law, outlined the dangers of a House spending-bill provision that would repeal an important piece of the Dodd-Frank Act. They were joined by Damon A. Silvers, director of policy and special counsel for the AFL-CIO; Nancy Zirkin, executive vice president of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights; and Lisa Donner, executive director of Americans for Financial Reform.

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Explore the Regulatory Frontier of Shadow Banking, with Bair, Tarullo, Lawsky & Others

Commercial banks – the traditional focus of financial regulation – no longer stand at the center of the financial system. Broker-dealers, money market funds, asset managers, and insurance companies have become key actors, with the potential to shake the stability of the whole economy. Join prominent experts, reform advocates, and regulators for a discussion of the “shadow banking” system of market-mediated credit and the steps needed to integrate it into a safer and more sustainable financial system.

An Unfinished Mission: Making Wall Street Work for All of Us

“We should not accept a financial system that allows the biggest banks to emerge from a crisis in record-setting shape while working Americans continue to struggle.” – Senator Elizabeth Warren speaking at the launch event for a new AFR/Roosevelt Institute report on the state of financial reform.

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Capitol Hill Briefing: Restoring Investor Rights

The use of mandatory arbitration in disputes between investors, on the one hand, and brokers or other investment professionals, on the other. Hosted by Americans for Financial Reform, North American Securities Administrators Association and Public Citizen