Stories from 2015


Yes, Virginia, ‘Die Hard’ Is A Christmas Movie
Jason Linkins, Huffington Post, 12/25/15

Don’t Weep for Wall Street: Banks Won More Than They Lost This Week
David Dayen, Fiscal Times, 12/18/15

Left Celebrates
Ben White, Politico, 12/17/15

AMG Accused of Massive “Deceptive Payday Lending Scheme” By AFR
ValueWalk Staff, 12/17/15

Congress says ‘OK’ to racist auto lenders
Van Jones, CNN, 12/16/15

Omnibus Offers Little to Love for Wall Street, Financial Industry
Carter Dougherty, Inside Sources, 12/16/15

U.S. fund industry fears SEC proposal on derivatives may hurt ETFs
Trevor Hunnicut, Reuters, 12/11/15

Spending Bill Becomes Battleground For Retirement Advice Rule
Yuka Hayashi, Wall St. Journal, 12/8/15

European Breakthroughs on Financial Transaction Tax
Sarah Anderson, Huffington Post, 12/8/15

Consumer Groups In 11th Hour Effort To Stop Congress From Killing Fiduciary Rule
Ted Knutson, Financial Adviser Magazine, 12/7/15

Over 200,000 Petitioners Tell Congress to Rejec/15t Wall Street Policy Riders
U.S. PIRG, 12/7/15

Five Scandals That Show Why We Need Structural Reform in the Banking Industry
Deena Zaidi, Truthout, 12/5/15

Debt Relief for Some Former Corinthian Students
Insider Higher Ed, 12/4/15

Congress Is About To Gut A Depression-Era Law To Help Wall Street
Zach Carter, Huffington Post, 12/4/15

Elizabeth Warren Pans Education Department For Drawn-Out Debt Relief Process
Shahien Nasiripour, Huffington Post, 12/4/15

Students of defunct for-profit to receive $28 million in loan forgiveness
Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, Washington Post, 12/3/15

How congressional Republicans are using fear of a government shutdown to help big banks
Mike Konczal, Vox, 12/3/15

Not-So-Secret-Santas in Congress Using Spending Bill to Roll Back Health, Safety, Wallet Protections 
Ed Mierzwinski, U.S. PIRG, 11/30/15

New Fed Rule Limits Emergency Lending Power
Peter Eavis, New York Times, 11/30/15

Fed’s new bailout curbs fail to appease critics on Left and Right
Joseph Lawler, Washington Examiner, 11/30/15

Car Dealers Have Their Way With Congress
David Dayen, the Intercept, 11/23/15

Private Equity And Hedge Funds Targeted By AFL-CIO
Mark Melin, ValueWalk, 11/19/15

Why 65 Dems Are Backing A Bill To Strip Financial Protections For People Of Color
Zach Carter, Huffington Post, 11/17/15

4 years after Occupy Wall Street, big banks are hurting
Heather Long, CNN, 11/17/15

Velazquez Eyes Hedge Funds Amid Puerto Rico Debt Woes
ValueWalk Staff, 11/17/15

Activists Are Tough on Companies They Don’t Own
Matt Levine, Bloomberg, 11/17/15

Who really benefits from Shelby’s financial deregulation
Marcus Stanley, The Hill, 11/16/15

Dozens Of Democrats Are About To Vote For Racial Discrimination At Car Dealerships
Zach Carter, Huffington Post, 11/16/15

Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Mortgage Rule at Risk in House Vote Next Week
RealEstateRama, 11/16/15

SEC’s Mary Jo White rips bill to ease restrictions on BDCs
Mark Scheoff Jr, InvestmentNews , 11/13/15

CFPB rushes to aid of RushCard customers; will industry face fallout?
Lexology, 11/12/15

Supreme Court to examine group lawsuits brought by workers and consumers
Tammy Kim, Al Jazeera, 11/9/15

Pressure on Chair White Continues as Decision on PCAOB’s Leadership Awaits
Thomson Reuters, 11/4/15

Warren Tries to Head Off Wall Street Gifts on Congressional Christmas Trees
Carter Dougherty, InsideSources, 11/4/15

Bill Introduced to Require Hedge Funds to Disclose Holdings More Frequently
Mike Cherney, Wall St. Journal, 11/4/15

Budget deal offers way to sneak through financial changes                                                               Darrell Delamaide, USA Today, 11/3/15

SEC May Soon Buck Its Male-Heavy History with a Majority of Female Commissioners
Steve Straehley and Danny Biederman, AllGov, 10/27/15

Obama Urged to End Golden Parachutes, Slow Wall Street Revolving Door
Mark Melin, ValueWalk, 10/23/15

The Most Diverse S.E.C. Ever May Be Taking Shape
Julie Hirschfeld Davis, NY Times, 10/20/15

Bernie Sanders: ‘Congress Doesn’t Regulate Wall Street. Wall Street Regulates
Matt Kinsler, Tech Bits, 10/18/15

Mortgage industry raises concerns about new HMDA rules
Trey Garrison, HousingWire, 10/16/15

GAP’s Accomplishments & Progress in 2014
Government Accountability Project, 10/16/15

AFR Fires Back on CFPB
Ben White, Politico, 10/16/15

Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clinton Tout Wall Street Reform, But Who’s Toughest On Big Banks?
Owen Davis, International Business Times, 10/14/15

52 Groups Press Senate to Close Carried Interest Tax Loophole
ThinkAdvisor, 10/14/15

Research sheds new light on the Great Recession
Phys Org, 10/13/15

CFPB Considers Ending ‘Free Pass’ That Companies Use To Avoid Group Lawsuits
MortgageOrb, 10/9/15

Did Predatory Lenders Pay These 12 Lawmakers to Hobble the CFPB?
Joshua Holland, The Nation, 10/8/15

Reining in Wall Street
US PIRG, 10/5/15

Rep. Bruce Poliquin is proud to be Wall Street’s champion
Mike Tipping, Portland Press Herald, 10/3/15

GOP seeks to rein in Obama’s finance bureau
Joseph Lawler, Washington Examiner, 10/2/15

House Democrats Back Away from GOP Attack on Elizabeth Warren’s Agency
Zach Carter, Huffington Post, 9/30/15

Is Dodd-Frank Doing Its Job?
Thomas Vartanian, American Banker, 9/23/15

Reforming the Federal Reserve’s rescue authority: Warren and Vitter come to Cato
Tom Clougherty, Cato Institute Blog, 9/17/15

DOJ Swears It Will Get Tough On The Next Wall Street Crash
Zach Carter, Huffington Post, 9/11/15

Is your adviser truly protecting your retirement?
Michelle Singletary, Washington Post, 9/11/15

Clinton Backs effort to curb “revolving door” from Wall Street
Peter Schroeder, The Hill, 8/31/15

Is Regulation the Reason Liquidity Is So Unstable?
John Heltman, American Banker, 8/24/15

Opponents of Tougher Rules on Retirement Advice Roll Out TV Ads
Victoria McGrane, Wall Street Journal, 8/13/15

‘Is it Naive’ to Permit Commission Sales? DOL Official Asks at Fiduciary Hearing
Ann Marsh, Financial Planning, 8/13/15

SEC Rule Clarifies Protections for Financial Whistleblowers
Press Release, Government Accountability Project, 8/11/15

Groups Say Proposed Student Loan Plan Doesn’t Provide Enough Assistance
Ashlee Kieler, The Consumerist, 8/10/15

Defending the Bullies
Bartlett Naylor, Huffington Post, 8/6/15

Sen. Warren Introduces Legislation to Prohibit Employers from Requiring Credit History Disclosure
Susan Petroni,, 8/6/15

SEC approves ‘pay ratio’ disclosure for CEOs
Kevin McCoy, USA Today, 8/5/15

SEC Approves Rule on CEO Pay Ratio
Peter Eavis, New York Times, 8/5/15

SEC: Firms Must Report CEO-to-Worker Pay Ratio
Melanie Waddell, ThinkAdvisor, 8/5/15

The Obama Administration Will Force Companies to Show How Out of Touch CEO Pay Really Is
Patrick Caldwell, Mother Jones, 8/5/15

Want to know how much more your boss makes than you?
Kate Gibson, CBS Moneywatch, 8/5/15

Panels Mix Pro/Anti DOL Fiduciary Rule Speakers
John Hilton, Insurance News Net, 8/4/15

Rules suggested for high-speed trading
Joseph Lawler, Washington Examiner, 8/4/15

Payday lenders prey on low-income families
Gynnie Robnett, AFR, NWI Times, 8/2/15

Clearing, Resale Bills Get Committee Approval
Editorial, Bloomberg BNA, 7/29/15

‘Too Big to Fail’ Is Still a Problem. Here’s How D.C. Wants to End It.
Eric Garcia, The National Journal, 7/29/15

How Dodd-Frank Divides Political Parties Prior to 2016 Election
Craig Eagle,, 7/23/15

Not perfect, but a boon for consumers and the economy
Jim Lardner, Philadephia Inquirer (and many newspapers), 7/23/15

Elizabeth Warren Looks Back And Forward, 5 Years After Dodd-Frank
Editorial, ValueWalk, 7/22/15

AFR Calls On Department Of Labor To Protect Retirement Savers
Editorial, ValueWalk, 7/22/15

5 Numbers To Know As Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Celebrates Its 5th Birthday
Alan Pyke, ThinkProgress, 7/21/15

Dodd-Frank At Five: Wall Street Remains Humbled, But The War Over Financial Reform Is Nowhere Near Over
Owen Davis, International Business Times, 7/21/15

Dodd-Frank At Five: Public Opinion On Wall Street, Banks, And Financial Regulation
Editorial, ValueWalk, 7/21/15

Elizabeth Warren says passing Dodd-Frank was like David beating Goliath
Portia Crowe, Business Insider, 7/21/15

Sen. Warren: We need to expand Dodd-Frank
Lydia Wheeler, The Hill, 7/21/15

Consumer Financial Protection: Growing Watchdog Agency Faces New Tests On Anniversary Of Wall Street Reform
Catherine Dunn, International Business Times, 7/21/15

5 years later, 5 things to know about Dodd-Frank
Jeff Cox, CNBC, 7/21/15

Dodd-Frank turns five
Peter Schroeder, The Hill, 7/21/15

Public Opinion Five Years After Dodd-Frank
Karlyn Bowman and Jennifer Marsico, Forbes, 7/21/15

Celebrate the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Fourth Birthday by Becoming a Citizen-Enforcer of Fairer Lending Practices!
Scott Klinger, Center for Effective Government, 7/21/15

As Wall Street Reform Turns 5, Fight Continues to Protect CFPB
Ed Mierzwinski, Huffington Post, 7/21/15

Five Years Later, the Unfulfilled Promise of Dodd-Frank
Deirdre Fulton, CommonDreams, 7/21/15

Banking from Financial Crisis to Dodd-Frank: How Much Has Changed?
Gerald Epstein & Antonio Montecino, PERI, 7/21/15

Happy Birthday to the Federal Agency That Works for Your Wallet
Karla Bowsher, MoneyTalks, 7/21/15

Payday lenders prey on the poor
Gynnie Robnett, Detroit News, 7/20/15

Dodd Frank: How It Changed Banking
Elaine He, Roger Kenny, James Sterngold & Victoria McGrane, Wall St. Journal, 7/19/15

Democrats’ corporate and progressive wings dicker over SEC opening
Francine McKenna, MarketWatch, 7/17/15

Progressives Aim to Push Hillary on Wall Street Reform
George Zornick, The Nation, 7/15/15

Congress Urges Stronger Action Against Payday Loan Vendors
Charlene Crowell, Dallas Weekly, 7/13/15

Power Moves
Catherine Ho, Washington Post, 7/9/15

Dodd-Frank Turns 5 & Not Everyone’s Happy About It
Bob Sullivan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/8/15

A Majority Of Both Parties Support Post-Crisis Financial Regulations
Michael Ide, ValueWalk, 7/7/15

Banks’ living wills show Goldman and Morgan imperiled
Barney Jopson and Ben McLannahan, Financial Times, 7/7

Dissecting Dodd-Frank 5 Years Later
Elizabeth Peace, Credit Union Times, 7/7/15

Payday lenders gave $15M to GOP campaigns in 2014 races: report
Tim Devaney, The Hill, 7/7/15

Payday Lender Lobbying And Campaign Spending Top $15 Million For 2014 Election Cycle [Report]
Editorial, ValueWalk, 7/7/15

Sen. Warren Reintroduces Bill to Restore Glass-Steagall
Melanie Waddell, ThinkAdvisor, 7/7/15

Support Rises For More Financial Regulation Says Liberal-Funded Poll
Ted Knutson, Financial Adviser, 7/7/15

Familiar Face Returns to SEC as Two Commissioners Plan Exit
Melanie Waddell, ThinkAdvisor, 6/29/15

Mo. lawmaker among top recipients of donations from payday, short-term lenders
Walter Moskop, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 6/25/15

Editorial, NY Times, 6/25/15
Why it’s OK to shame payday loan enablers
Barbara Shelly, Kansas City Star, 6/25/15
Bay Area mortgage relief target of mayors
Karina Ioffee, Bay Area News, 6/19/15

Democrats Are Fed Up with the SEC’s Weak Financial Crimefighting
David Dayen, The New Republic, 6/18/15

The hypocrisy of the U.S. indictments of FIFA officials
The Advocate Messenger, 6/18/15

SEC’s Mary Jo White Under Fire Over Conflict Of Interest
Mark Melvin, Value Walk, 6/17/15

SEC Needs An Injection Of Backbone, Charges Consumer Coalition
Ted Knutson, Financial Advisor, 6/18/15

Bill to Change CFPB Governance Draws Support at House Hearing
Bloomberg BNA (paywalled), 6/11/15

Tangle on rules led to Warren’s fight with SEC
Annie Linskey, Boston Globe, 6/8/15

Top US fund managers attack regulators
Barney Jopson, CNBC/Financial Times, 6/1/15

5 questions for Hillary Clinton on Wall St
MJ Lee, CNN, 5/21/15

Senate Banking Committee Republicans advance Shelby’s reg reform bill
Daniel Young, SNL Financial, 5/21/15

Dodd-Frank Rollback Bill Advances in Senate
ThinkAdvisor, 5/21/15

Why Wall Street Keeps Winning
Jason Kirby, Macleans, 5/20/15

Education Dept. Readies Debt-Forgiveness Plan for Ex-Corinthian Students
Kelly Field, Chronicle of Higher Education, 5/20/15

Krugman: ‘Vampires of Finance’ Seek to Bring Down Financial Reform
Dan Weil, NewsMax Finance, 5/13/15

Brokerage Industry Intensifies Lobbying Efforts
Financial Advisor, 5/14/15

Elizabeth Warren’s Trade Deal Fears Confirmed
Yves Smith, Truthout, 5/18/15

Canada Just Threw a Grenade Into Elizabeth Warren’s Trade Fight With Obama
Zach Carter, Huffington Post, 5/14/15

Banks Would Get Boost for Overseas Swaps in House CFTC Bill
Silla Brush, Bloomberg, 5/13/15

More GOP Senators Press DOL to Extend Fiduciary Comment Period
Think Advisor, 5/13/15

How the Bankers Destroyed the Dream
Peter Dreier, American Prospect (not posted online), Spring 2015

Wells Fargo: No. 4 in assets, No. 1 in lobbying
Deon Roberts, Charlotte Observer, 5/8/15

Lawmakers Ask DOL’s Perez to Extend Fiduciary Comment Period
ThinkAdvisor, 5/8/15

Besides Failing Corporate Finance 101, Holtz-Eakin’s Attack on Dodd-Frank Sets a Terrible Priority
Mike Konczal, Next New Deal, 5/8/15

Former CBO Director Holtz-Eakin’s Garbage-In, Garbage Out Attack on Dodd Frank
Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism, 5/8/15

Split with White House widens as Democratic lawmakers ask DOL to extend comment deadline on fiduciary rule
Mark Schoeff Jr., Investment News, 5/8/15

Dodd-Frank Supporters Argue Safer Financial System Justifies Cost of Regulation
Kate Davidson, Wall St. Journal, 5/7/15

Americans for Financial Reform Challenges Study on Dodd-Frank Costs
Bloomberg BNA (paywalled), 5/7/15

Reform advocates: Dodd-Frank will boost economy by $2.9 trillion
Tim Devaney, The Hill, 5/7/15

AFR Rebuts Dodd-Frank Study
Politico (Morning Money), 5/8/15

Beauty of Dodd-Frank reforms in beholder’s eye
Maxwell Murphy, CFO Journal (WSJ), 5/7/15

CFPB Must Prioritize People Over Payday Lenders
Tony Pierce, American Banker, 5/5/15

Student Debt Strikers: Education Department Is “Using Us” for a “Publicity Stunt”
David Dayen, New Republic, 5/3/15

For-Profit Colleges Face a Loan Strike by Thousands Claiming Trickery
Tamar Lewin, N.Y. Times, 5/3/15

Bankers and Regulators Voice Fears on Bond Market Volatility
Peter Eavis, NY Times, 5/3/15

The Mysterious Evaporating Bond Liquidity?
Fisher, iStockAnalyst, 5/7/15

Florida Congressional delegation criticizes proposed rules on payday lending
Nicholas Nehamas, Miami Herald, 5/1/15

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Leads Call for Accountability on Risky Wall Street Compensation Practices
Press Release, Office of Senator Tammy Baldwin, 4/30/15

SEC nods to industry in proposals on CEO pay, overseas swaps
Dave Michaels and Silla Brush, Bloomberg, 4/29/15

Elizabeth Warren is Not Impressed with Your Diamond-Encrusted Ring
Alexis Goldstein, Bull Market, 4/29/15

Payday loan limits pose quandary for Poliquin
Editorial, Portland Press Herald, 4/22/15

Poliquin excels at fundraising, but what do donors want in return?
Mike Tipping, Portland Press Herald, 4/18/15

Studies show, Congress Favors the Rich
Bud Meyers, Economic Populist, 4/17/15

How Warren’s Banking Agenda Could Influence Clinton
Victoria Finkle, American Banker, 4/15/15

Jon Stewart Interviews Senator Elizabeth Warren
Daily Show, Comedy Central, 4/10/15

Liberal donors look to play catch-up at the state level
Associated Press / Reading Eagle, 4/13/15

Kaptur Votes To Protect Homeowners From Predatory Lending, Unfair Interest Rates
RealEstateRama, 4/16/15

Clinton’s populist theme heartens liberal donors
Matea Gold, Washington Post, 4/15/15

Bad Guys are Lobbyists, Good Guys are The People
Seth Masket, Washington Monthly, 4/13/15

Group Spells Out 5-Year Plan to Build Liberal ‘Infrastructure’ (NY Times)
Nicholas Confessore, NY Times, 4/13/15

Wealthy donors on left launch new plan to wrest back control in thestates
Matea Gold, Washington Post, 4/13/15

Elizabeth Warren on the Daily Show: “The rich and the powerful do better and better”
Colin Gorenstein, Salon, 4/10/15

General Electric Hands Dodd-Frank Its Biggest Victory Yet
Zach Carter, Huffington Post, 4/10/15

How We Got the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – Senator Warren Tells the Story
Interview with Senator Elizabeth Warren, The Daily Show, 4/9/15

SEC examining 12b-1 fees
BenefitsPro, 4/8/15

Advocacy Group Wants Broader FA Background Checks
Leslie Kramer, Investopedia

How Wall Street captured Washington’s effort to rein in banks
Charles Levinson, Reuters Special Report, 4/9/15

House Republicans Want To Hand Warren Buffett Bigger Profits On Loans To Poor People
Zach Carter, Huffington Post, 4/9/15

How to Regulate Asset Managers? There’s No Easy Answer
John Heltman, Traders Magazine/American Banker, 4/9/15

Democratic Support Wanes for Changes in Dodd-Frank
Eliza Carney, CQ Roll Call (paywalled), 4/3/15

Lining Washington’s Pockets to the Tune of $1.4 Billion
Think Advisor, 4/2/15

Wall Street’s 15 Biggest Spenders on Lobbying in Washington
ThinkAdvisor, 3/24/15

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown taking some independent stands on banks
Jessica Wehrman, Columbus Dispatch, 3/24/15

Durbin, Boxer, Senators Introduce Bill To Crack Down On Predatory Lending Practices
Joint Press Release, 3/24/15

SBIA Seeks Regulatory Relief for Small Business Investors
Yahoo Finance, 3/24/15

CFPB’s Independent Funding Nixed in Senate Budget Plan
ThinkAdvisor, 3/20/15

Financial Lobbying and Campaign Spending Top $1.4 Billion For 2014 Election – Here Are The Biggest Winners
ValueWalk, 3/19/15

Online Payday Lender Pumped Dark Money Into Effort To Beat Back Regulation
Paul Blumenthal, Huffington Post, 3/17/15

The failure behind Wall St. bonuses
Darrell Delamaide, USA Today, 3/17/15

2014 Financial Industry’s Bonuses Were Double the Combined Earnings of All Full-Time Working Americans Making Minimum Wage
Sarah Anderson, Mint Press News, 3/17/15

Wall Street Fires Back at Obama Over Broker Standards
Owen Davis, International Business Times, 3/16/15

Financial Lobbying Upped in 2014 Elections: AFR
Clayton Browne, Value Walk, 3/19/15

Consumer groups accuse SEC of ignoring investors
Mark Schoeff, Investment News, 3/12/15

SEC Urged to Reform 12b-1 Fees, Block Risky ETFs
Melanie Waddell, ThinkAdvisor, 3/12/15

About That Bill Name
Patrick Temple-West, Politico, 3/11/15

A Practical Populist Wins High Praise at Treasury
Ben Weyl, CQ (paywalled), 3/2/15

Forced Arbitration Clauses Harm Consumers: CFPB
ThinkAdvisor, 3/11/15

Reed and Menendez Introduce Bill to Clearly Define and Ban Unlawful Inside Trading
Press Release, Office of Senator Jack Reed, 3/11/15

Off the Deep End: The Wall Street Bonus Pool and Low-Wage Workers
Sarah Anderson, Institute for Policy Studies, 3/11/15

3 Charts That Show Just How Much Wall Street Bonuses Swamp Low-Wage Worker Pay
Sarah Anderson, AlterNet, 3/11/15

About that Bill Name
Patrick Temple-West, Politico, 3/11/15

Obama: Stop Wall Street Brokers From Putting Their Interests Above Clients Saving For Retirement
Dennis Kelleher, Better Markets, 2/23/2015

N.Y. Fed Would Get More Oversight Under Bill Pushed by Sen. Reed
Bloomberg First World, 2/23/2015 (paywalled)

Reed Renews Push to Increase Accountability at New York Federal Reserve Bank
Office of Senator Jack Reed, 2/23/2015

Regional Banks Face Big Test in Fight Over $50B ‘Systemic’ Label
Victoria Finkle, Financial Planning, 2/23/2015

Major Groups Applaud President’s Call For Movement For Movement On Pro-Consumer Rule To Protect American’s Retirement Savings
Press Release,, 2/23/2015

Obama woos Warren wing with anti-Wall Street push
Patrick Temple-West, Marianne Levine and Zachary Warmbrodt, Politico, 2/23/2013

Obama Attacks Advisors Selling Snake Oil, Lauds New DOL Fiduciary Rule
Ashlea Ebling, Forbes, 2/23/2015

Financial Reformers Counter Regional Bank Lobbying
Zachary Warmbrodt, PoliticoPro (paywalled), 2/17/15

Investor Advocates Prepare for Fiduciary Fight
Megan Leonhardt, Wealth, 2/13/15

With These Hires, Congress Becomes Even More Like a Corporation
Lee Fang, The Nation, 2/11/15

How Wall Street Is Fighting to Rip Off Your Retirement Money
David Dayen, Fiscal Times, 2/6/15

Senate Democrats Join GOP Attack On Financial and Environmental Regulation
Zach Carter, Huffington Post, 1/26/15

Wall Street reform groups blast House reg bills
Peter Schroeder, The Hill, 2/4/15

Wall Street Gears up as White House Pushes Retirement Fund Rules
Robert Schmidt and Dave Michaels, Bloomberg Business, 1/30/15

The Big-Bank Lobby v. Elizabeth Warren
Amy Traub, PolicyShop (Demos), 1/23/15

Poll: Majority wants to break up big banks
Claes Bell, Bankrate, 1/21/15

Republicans and Wall Street Say, ‘To Hell with Protecting the Public!’
Bill Moyers, Huffington Post/, 1/20/15

Why Postal Banking Is So Needed – and on the Rise
David Dayen, Salon, 1/20/15

Obama Defends Financial Reform While Steering Clear of Bank Bashing
Ryan Tracy, Wall Sr. Journal, 1/ 20/15

Consumer Groups Ask Finra To Increase Arbitration Transparency
Financial Advisor Magazine, 1/22/15

FINRA Arbitration Data Under Fire Again
ThinkAdvisor, 1/22/15

A Battle Map for the Republican War Against Dodd-Frank
Mike Konczal, Next New Deal, 1/15/15

Small Business Boon or Wall Street Windfall?
Bucks County Courier, 1/16/15

Coalition Petitions For Pension Advisor Fiduciary Mandate
Ted Knutson, Financial Advisor, 1/15/15

New Coalition Pushes For DOL Fiduciary Rule
Megan Leonhardt,, 1/15/15

House Passes Fitzpatrick Bill Easing Rules Regulating Wall Street
James McGinnis, The Intelligencer, 1/15/15

In New Congress, Wall St. Pushes to Undermine Dodd-Frank Reform
Jonathan Weisman and Eric Lipton, NY Times, 1/14/15

JPMorgan CEO Says ‘Banks Are Under Assault’
Tracey Samuelson, Marketplace, 1/14/15

Republican Assault on Dodd-Frank Act Intensifies
Barney Jopson, Financial Times, 1/14/15

JPMorgan CEO Whines That Regulators Are Being Too Mean
Luke Brinker, Salon, 1/14/15

Battle lines form over Dodd-Frank, Volker Rule
Renee Caruthers, FierceFinanceIT, 1/13/15

Main Street Banks Play the Wall Street Lobbying Game
Chris Potter, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/11/15

Kicking Dodd-Frank in the Teeth
Gretchen Morgenson, New York Times, 1/10/15

Wall Street Gets Rare House Floor Defeat
Ed Mierzwinski, US PIRG, 1/7/15

Ho! Ho! Ho! A Season of Opportunity for Payday Lenders
Rebecca Thiess, AFR Blog, 1/5/15

Jeb Bush Ups His Game
Ben White, Politico (Morning Money), 1/7/15

Experts: Planned Municipal Advisers Test may not Protect Chicago Public Schools, Others
Heather Gillers, Chicago Tribune, 1/2/15

Pay-Disclosure Advocates Chafe at SEC Rule Delays
Eric Garcia, MarketWatch, 1/2/15