AFR in the News: Jon Stewart Interviews Senator Elizabeth Warren

On the Daily Show (April 9), the senior Senator from Massachusetts describes the fight to realize her vision of a consumer financial protection agency.

“I talked to a bunch of people in Washington,” she recalls (4 mins. 34 seconds into the video excerpt below). “At that time, I was just a professor… I’m not connected in any way. I go around and talk to people, [and] they tell me two things… One, that is a great idea – you can actually make a difference with an agency like that. And two, don’t do it, don’t even try, because the big banks will shut this down… [But] we got organized… We started getting groups like – God bless ‘em – AARP, Consumer Union, the AFL-CIO, the NAACP, LaRaza… More than a hundred groups got organized into Americans for Financial Reform. They pushed, and we got that consumer agency passed into law.

The Daily Show
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