Take Action: National Call-in Day for the Veterans and Consumer Fair Credit Act

Today is the big day!

Get the word out to your networks to call your congressional representatives TODAY to ask them to support HR 5050, the Veterans and Consumers Fair Credit Act!

The Veterans and Consumers Fair Credit Act is a bipartisan bill that extends the Military Lending Act’s usury protections to veterans and all consumers by capping interest rates at 36%. According to a recent Morning Consult poll, 70% of the public supports this measure, regardless of political affiliation, but payday lenders are mobilizing their resources and working hard to stop this legislation.

We need everyone’s help to make sure the voice of average people is louder than the voice of payday lenders. Join us and tell your Representative you support interest rate caps, ending predatory lending and ask them to vote for HR5050, the Veterans and Consumers Fair Credit Act. Click here to find contact information for your Congressperson.

Let us know you’re participating!  Click here to RSVP.

Thank you for the work you do,

Diop Harris