Dec 14 Week of Action: Demand Wall Street Use $150 Billion to Help Families Recover

Wall Street Bonuses & Compensation For Just One Year Could Prevent All Foreclosures for Four Years, Solve All 50 State Budget Crises, and create millions of jobs.  How Would You Spend $150 Billion? (click here to vote!)

Chicago Showdwon TIMEOn the week of December 14th, in cities across the country, Americans in communities large and small, urban and rural, will take to the streets outside the offices and branches of major U.S. banks to demand Wall Street and big banks use their anticipated $150 billion compensation and bonus pool to help families, small businesses, and state and local governments recover.

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To join in on one of the events, or to organize something in your hometown, send an email to to get details.  Remember to note which city’s events you are inquiring about.

Listed below is a growing list of places organizing events (check back daily as this list is growing over next few days!).   Click here for an updated list (12/16).

  • Austin, Texas:  Thursday, Dec 17, noon at 15th and Guadalupe in front of Wells Fargo.  Contact Andy Wilson for more details:  (512) 477-1155
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Chicago, Illinois:  Thursday, Dec 17, 11 am at AmeriCash Loans Store, 28 E Madison St.  Contact Jen Hall for more details:  (773) 259-4153
  • Cincinnati, Ohio:  Thursday, Dec 17, 11 am at Chase, 45 E Fourth St.  Contact Nse Ufot for more details:  (513) 721-3096
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Denver, Colorado:  Thursday, Dec 17.  Contact Carolyn Siegel for more details:  (303) 863-2400
  • Indianapolis, Indiana:  Contact Ronetta Spalding for more details:  (317) 507-2366
  • Los Angeles, California
  • New York, New York:  Wednesday, Dec 16, noon at 200 West Street (between Vesey and Murray).  Contact Ann Sullivan for more details:  (917) 974-7814
  • Orlando, Florida:  Friday, Dec 18, 2:30 pm at Bank of America, 800 John Young Pkwy.  Contact Stephanie Porta for more details:  (407) 592-4784
  • Pontiac, Michigan:  Thursday, Dec 17.  Contact Todd Cook for more details:  (517) 281-4042
  • Providence, Rhode Island
  • Richmond, Virginia:  Thursday, Dec 17.  Contact Jenny Lawson for more details:  (240) 602-6374
  • San Francisco, California:  Thursday, Dec 17, 2 pm at Wells Fargo, 1 Montgomery Street.
  • San Jose, California
  • Seattle, Washington:  Contact Angela Omulepu for more details:  (206) 225-7386
  • Washington, DC:  Monday, Dec 14, 11 am at 1500 Pennsylvania Ave NW in front of US Treasury.  Please contact Rachel Anderson for more details:  (617) 359-6910
  • Washington, DC:  Thursday, Dec 17, 7:15 pm at Bank of America, 1501 Pennsylvania Ave NW across from US Treasury.  Please contact Eileen or Farid for more details:  (202) 263-4533
  • Wilmingon, Delaware:  Friday, Dec 18, 6-9 pm at 408 East 8th St, Wilmington.  Contact Darlene Battle for more details:  (302) 656-3699
  • Connecticut:  Contact Phil Sherwood for more details:  (860) 796-2398

Send email to: for details about the actions planned in the cities listed above.

Watch our slideshow of pictures from the protests around the country: