More Bonus Protests Coming Up! Austin, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, Michigan, Portland, Richmond, New Jersey, San Francisco, Delaware, and Washington DC

ny goldman 1Email for more details about any of these events.  Please note which city’s events you are inquiring about.  Hope to see you there!

  • Austin, Texas:  Thursday, Dec 17, noon at 15th and Guadalupe in front of Wells Fargo.  Contact Andy Wilson for more details:  (512) 477-1155
  • Chicago, Illinois:  Thursday, Dec 17, 11 am at AmeriCash Loans Store, 28 E Madison St.  Contact Jen Hall for more details:  (773) 259-4153
  • Cincinnati, Ohio:  Thursday, Dec 17, 11 am at Chase, 45 E Fourth St.  Contact Nse Ufot for more details:  (513) 721-3096
  • Denver, Colorado:  Thursday, Dec 17, noon at Chase, 1600 California St.  Contact Carolyn Siegel for more details:  (303) 863-2400
  • Orlando, Florida:  Friday, Dec 18, 2:30 pm at Bank of America, 800 John Young Pkwy.  Contact Stephanie Porta for more details:  (407) 592-4784
  • Pontiac, Michigan:  Thursday, Dec 17.  Contact Todd Cook for more details:  (517) 281-4042
  • Richmond, Virginia:  Thursday, Dec 17.  Contact Jenny Lawson for more details:  (240) 602-6374
  • San Francisco, California:  Thursday, Dec 17, 2 pm at Wells Fargo, 1 Montgomery Street.
  • Washington, DC:  Thursday, Dec 17, 7:15 pm at Bank of America, 1501 Pennsylvania Ave NW across from US Treasury.  Please contact Eileen Toback or Farid Ben Amor for more details:  (202) 263-4533
  • Wilmingon, Delaware:  Friday, Dec 18, 6-9 pm at 408 East 8th St, Wilmington.  Contact Darlene Battle for more details:  (302) 656-3699
  • Connecticut:  TBD (week of Dec 21).  Contact Phil Sherwood for more details:  (860) 796-2398

Send email to: for details about the actions planned in the cities listed above.

No event in your city?  Email us for help organizing one!

Watch our slideshow of pictures from protests around the country: