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Letter to Regulators: AFR Ed Fund Opposes Elimination of Derivatives Risk Controls

We strongly oppose the proposal to remove requirements to post initial margin when engaging in inter-affiliate derivatives transactions with covered swaps entities. The Agencies instituted this requirement just four years ago, concluding that these margin postings were necessary to “protect the safety and soundness of the covered swap entity in the event of an affiliated counterparty default”. Since this issue affects the key depository affiliates of the largest U.S. banks – entities at the heart of the taxpayer-supported safety net for systemically critical banks – the 2015 Final Rule also concluded that failing to require initial margin for inter-affiliate swaps would pose a threat to broader systemic stability.

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Letter to Regulators: AFR Urges FDIC Not to Weaken Securitization Safe Harbor

The AFR Education Fund wrote to the FDIC urging them to maintain comprehensive disclosure requirements for securitizations that are backed by depository banks. The agency is proposing to exempt private offerings from these requirements. Most of the toxic mortgage securitizations sold prior to the financial crisis were private offerings.