Letters to the Regulators: Letter to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Outlining the Need for Public, Transparent, and National Data Collection on the Property and Casualty Insurance Market

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AFR joined the Consumer Federation of America and 18 other civil rights, housing, and climate advocacy groups in writing this letter to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners regarding the need for a public, transparent, and national data collection on the property and casualty insurance market. The letter recommends the following:

  • The NAIC should be more transparent about the scope of the data call. The letter poses a series of questions, including which states are participating in it, from which insurance companies they will collect data, and what data will be collected.
  • The complete data set collected by this call must be publicly available for consumers and consumer advocates, policymakers, and researchers. The information should be in the same format and with the same detail as Departments of Insurance collect it.
  • The NAIC should convert this data call into an annual collection, and also collect data on insurance for affordable housing developers, condo associations, renters and condo insurance, force-placed insurance, and residual market policies.
  • All states should participate in the data call.