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In The News: DeJoy’s plan to make U.S. mail slower and more expensive reignites calls for his ouster

“I would say that there is a history of dumping on the postal service, and Congress certainly hasn’t helped the situation over the years,” said Porter McConnell, campaign director of Take on Wall Street, co-founder of the Save the Post Office coalition. “That said, stepping into this history in Louis DeJoy, uniquely ill-suited to the moment.”

a dollar bill on top of a pile of money with scrabble pieces spelling out "tax" on top

News Release: DeFazio Introduces Financial Transaction Tax Act to Rein in Wall Street and Generate Revenue for National Priorities

“This bill is an important step in restoring the real economy for white, Black and brown working families, especially in this time of rising unemployment due to the global pandemic. The Wall Street Tax Act would both help protect working people from the most acute impacts of risky Wall Street behavior and raise revenue that could be used for critical public services and investments.”