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Regulating Private Equity: A Jobs Issue

Attached is a page of examples of leveraged buyouts by hedge funds or private equity firms that have resulted in job losses around the country. In many cases, despite job losses, these deals resulted in huge profits for the investors. Recently, economists have begun registering

Senate Debates Financial Reform

“The Restoring American Financial Stability Act” (S. 3217) is a good start but must be strengthened as it is discussed in the Senate.  Read about the key ingredients to real financial reform. Read our fact sheets and letters to Congress about the bill. Read all

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Huffington Post: The Real Price of Proprietary Trading

James Crotty, Gerald Epstein, and Iren Levina have co-authored an article regarding financial reform, the “Volcker Rule,” and the real cost of propriety trading.  Here is the introduction to the article: President Obama’s endorsement of the “Volcker Rule” — a set of proposals designed to