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Letters to Congress: Letter to the House Financial Services Committee in Opposition to Profoundly Damaging Legislation

Americans for Financial Reform (AFR) wrote a letter to the House Financial Services Committee expressing our strong opposition to legislation that the House Financial Services Committee (HFSC) is scheduled to consider this week that would amend the federal securities laws in ways that could be profoundly damaging to American workers and “mom and pop” investors.

News Release: Subprime Corporate Debt, Hitting $5 Trillion, Brings Defaults, Slower Growth

The explosion of low-quality lending has brought debt loads in corporate America to record highs, a development that is likely to bring, in the coming years, a wave of defaults, slower growth, future job losses, and potential instability stemming from the utter opacity of this business. Despite the exponential growth in subprime corporate debt, our laws and regulations have not kept up, leaving policymakers and regulators in the dark as to the exact size of this market and where various risks may exist that could affect other financial institutions, companies, and their workers.

News Release: Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Mark Pocan Join Town Hall, Build Momentum for  Halting Private Equity Abuses of Workers, Communities

At a town hall hosted by United for Respect and Americans for Financial Reform, workers and leaders across industries came out strongly in support of the Stop Wall Street Looting Act. The event focused on the devastating impact of private equity firms on the quality and quantity of jobs across industries.