Senator Tester: Bank “Bailout” Ad False

The Helena Independent Register reports that Senator Jon Tester (D, MT) refutes misleading ads claiming that the financial reform bill is a bank “bailout.”  Here is an excerpt: A little-known political group with links to conservative and Republican Party figures is urging Montanans to oppose

“Robin Hood” Tax Could Raise $700 Billion

More than 50 charities are supporting a British campaign to levy a tax on transactions between financial institutions, which can be used to help fight poverty, protect public services and tackle climate change.   The 0.05% “Robin Hood” tax on financial trades could raise $700bn for

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NYT: Dodd Comments on State of Financial Reform Bill

In a recent article about financial reform legislation, Senator Dodd talked about the bipartisan work that has been done so far but said, “for now we have reached an impasse.”  AFR was mentioned in the article: Heather Booth, executive director of Americans for Financial Reform,