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AFR to Senator Dodd: Support Strong Reforms

February 1, 2010 The Honorable Christopher Dodd Chairman Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs 534 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington, D.C.  20510 Dear Senator Dodd: We are writing today to convey our strong support for comprehensive regulatory reform, and to reaffirm our view

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U.S. Lawmaker to Push For Crackdown on Speculation

Americans for Financial Reform was mentioned in this New York Times Dealbook article about Senator Cantwell’s support for greater regulation of futures markets and derivatives.  From the article: A key U.S. lawmaker is set to join forces with several business groups on Wednesday to call

Paul Volcker: How to Reform our Financial System

Paul Volcker, Chairman of the president’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board and former Federal Reserve Chairman, published this op-ed in the New York Times.  Here are excerpts: The phrase “too big to fail” has entered into our everyday vocabulary. It carries the implication that really large,

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Lake Research Partners Respond to Luntz Memo

Lake Research Partners has put out this memo in response to Frank Luntz’s anti-reform memo, which AFR’s Heather Booth blogged about here. This latest memo details how financial reform advocates should frame the conversation about financial reform in order to effectively rein in the greedy,

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Welcome to AFR’s Coalition

Thank you so much for joining Americans for Financial Reform.  As we work to clean up the mess that Wall Street made, we need your voice to help make sure that the job of rewriting the regulatory rulebook is not left to the financial predators