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Mulvaney Lobs One Last Softball To Industry Opponents Of CFPB
US PIRG, 12/31/18

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Top Six Dubious Achievements Of 2018
Talking Points Memo, 12/26/18

Beto O’Rourke Frequently Voted For Republican Legislation, Analysis Reveals
The Guardian, 12/20/18

Advocates Want CFPB’s Kraninger To Set Limits On Debt Collectors
American Banker, 12/20/18

Wells Fargo Shifts Many Jobs Overseas Following Layoffs In The US, Documents Show
Charlotte Observer, 12/20/18
Also appeared in Winston-Salem Journal, News & Observer, Virginian Pilot

Wall Street Thrives And Working People Struggle As GOP Tax Cut Turns One, 12/17/18

Incoming Democratic Frosh Don’t Want To Serve On House Financial Services Panel
Washington Post Finance 202 Newsletter, 12/14/18
Also appeared in Laredo Morning Times, Greenwich Time

Will A New Consumer Bureau Director Heed The Agency’s Mission?
Washington Informer, 12/13/18
Also appeared in Dallas Examiner, Houston Forward Times

Banks Win, College Students Lose
Tennessee Citizen Action, 12/13/18

No Labels and The ‘Problem Solvers’ Are Wolves Of Wall Street In Sheep’s Clothing, 12/12/18

Cory Gardner’s Latest Hit: What Consumer Protection?
Colorado Pols, 12/12/18

New Head Of Watchdog Agency Vows Consumers Will Be Top Focus
Associated Press, 12/11/18
Also appeared in US News and World Report, Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel

SEC Hearing Prep
Politico Morning Money Newsletter, 12/11/18

Students Pay Price In Banks’ Marketing Pacts With Colleges: CFPB
American Banker, 12/10/18

Mick Mulvaney About To Be Succeeded At Consumer Financial Protection Bureau By Someone Who Knows Nothing About Consumer Finance
Vanity Fair, 12/6/18

Senate Approves Trump Nominee To Lead Polarizing Consumer Watchdog Agency
Washington Post, 12/6/18
Also appeared in Connecticut Post, Greenwich Time

Senate Barely Confirms Kathy Kraninger As New CFPB Director
American Banker, 12/6/18

Senate Confirms Trump’s Consumer Watchdog Pick
Reuters, 12/6/18
Also appeared in New York TimesBusiness Insider, Raw Story

After Year With Mulvaney, CFPB Enters Kraninger Era
Law360, 12/6/18

Senate Confirms Kraninger To Lead Consumer Bureau In Partisan Vote
The Hill, 12/6/18
Also appeared in MSN News

A “Fintech Sandbox” Might Sound Like A Harmless Idea. It’s Not
Financial Times, 12/6/18

Sen. Collins: Vote Against Trump’s Nominee For The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Dirigo Blue, 12/6/18

‘Unqualified’ And ‘Dangerous’ Trump Appointee Set To Take Over Consumer Agency
Los Angeles Times, 12/4/18

Senate Poised To Confirm New Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Chief. Then What?
Marketplace, 12/3/18

Consumer Bureau Nominee Clears Key Senate Hurdle
Government Executive, 11/29/18

A Senate Vote For Kraninger Is A Vote Against Main Street
The Hill, 11/28/18

Real Estate Lending Change Boosts Banks More Than Economy
Wall Street Journal, 11/28/18

Cheat Sheet: Hopes And Hang-Ups On CRA Reform
American Banker, 11/25/18

House Progressives Are Facing An Unexpected Problem In The Quest For Committee Power
The Intercept, 11/21/18

Democrats’ Plan To Reverse ‘Interference’ At Consumer Bureau
Government Executive, 11/20/18

CFPB’s ‘Disclosure Sandbox’ Puts Consumers At Risk
American Banker, 11/19/18

These House Committees Could Make Or Break A Progressive Agenda
Huffington Post, 11/16/18

This Democrat Is About To Give Payday Lenders A Big Boost
Huffington Post, 11/14/18

‘I Lost My Home Because Of A Computer Glitch:’ Wells’ Victims Seek Answers
American Banker, 11/13/18

The Finance 202: Voters Send Mixed Messages On Wall Street Regulation
Washington Post, 11/9/18
Also appeared in Connecticut Post and San Antonio Express-News

Weakening Bank Rules Are Bad For Taxpayers And Investors
Forbes, 11/8/18

SEC Investor Advisory Committee Calls For Clarity On Best-Interest Standard
Pensions and Investments, 11/8/18

Wells Fargo Finds Another 145 Customers Who Lost Homes After Glitch
CBS News Detroit, 11/7/18
Also appeared in CBS San Francisco Bay Area and NBC-2 Fort Myers

Wells Fargo Finds Another 145 Customers Who Lost Homes After Glitch
CNN, 11/7/18
Also appeared in East Idaho News

Wall Street Moves To Gut Post-Crisis Financial Reforms
The Intercept, 11/2/18

Fed Draws Line In Sand on Easing Big Banks’ Burden
American Banker, 10/31/18

Fed Proposes Eased Standards For All But The Biggest U.S. Banks
Bloomberg, 10/31/18

The Wall Street Flunkies, 10/30/18

Trump CFPB Moves To Rework Key Part Of Obama Payday Lending Regulation
Washington Examiner, 10/26/18

Payday Loan Job Shadows Exec’s Run For Connecticut Governor
Associated Press, 10/23/18

The Silver Lining Of The New Gilded Age: Fewer Targets
The American Prospect, 10/22/18

Philanthropy’s Under-Investment In Holding High Finance Accountable: A Gamble We Can’t Afford
Philanthropy News Digest, 10/17/18

Prudential Is No Longer A SIFI. Now What?
American Banker, 10/17/18

Once Feared On Wall Street, Dodd-Frank’s Watchdog Is In Retreat
Bloomberg, 10/17/18

Financial Regulations Still Get Avid Consumer Thumbs-Up
Philadelphia Tribune, 10/16/18

An Uncompromising Jeb Hensarling Is Not Sorry
American Banker, 10/14/18

How The Liberal Wish List Could Bite Democrats
Politico, 10/14/18

CFPB On Right Track With ‘Sandbox,’ Trade Groups Say
Law360, 10/12/18

Progressive Groups on Fin Tech
Politico Morning Money Newsletter, 10/11/18

Trump Administration Takes Aim At Volcker Rule, Future Financial Crises Be Damned
ThinkProgress, 10/9/18

First Look: Liberal Groups Press For CFPB Firing
Politico Morning Money Newsletter, 10/5/18

Racist Comments From CFPB; Trump Denies Visas To Spouses Of LGBT Diplomats
Progressive Voices Network, 10/3/18

Bernie Sanders Wants To Break Up The Nation’s Biggest Banks, Again
Housing Wire, 10/3/18

Waters Introduces Legislation To Put Consumers First
US House Committee on Financial Services, 10/2/18

The US must hold firm on bank capital rules
Financial Times, 10/1/18

Mulvaney Says Credit Union Council, Other Panels Are Vital To CFPB
Credit Union Times, 9/27/18

Embattled Wells Fargo Plans To Slash Thousands Of Jobs
Charlotte Observer, 9/20/14

‘Ad Seller:’ Wells Fargo Exec Criticizes Media Coverage Of Scandals
Charlotte Observer, 9/14/18

First Look
Politico Morning Money Newsletter, 9/14/18

Bernanke, Geithner and Paulson’s Lessons of the Crash
American Prospect, 9/13/18

Voters Still Care A Lot About Regulating Wall Street
Washington Examiner, 9/10/18

In an Anti-Trump Moment, Pledge Signers Commit to a Populist Economic Agenda
Washington Spectator, 8/30/18

Consumer Groups Lobby SEC to Drop Support of Mandatory Arbitration
ThinkAdvisor, 8/22/18

Trump Asks S.E.C. to Study Quarterly Earnings Requirements for Public Firms
NY Times, 8/17/18

Keep protection of agency’s payday loan rule
Everett (WA) Herald editorial, 8/17/18

Voters have spoken: Student-debt is officially a crisis
Market Watch, 8/11/18

Veterans groups concerned with DeVos ‘borrower defense’ plan
Politico, 8/9/18

New National Poll Finds Consumers Still Want Financial Regulation
LA Sentinel, 8/9/18

New National Poll Finds Consumers Still Want Financial Regulation
Pittsburgh Courier, 8/9/18

Majority of likely voters support consumer bureau mission
The Hill, 8/9/18

New National Poll Finds Consumers Still Want Financial Regulation | RealTimes Media (Charlene Crowell)

Wells Fargo’s foreclosure confession stirs new indignation
Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 8/8/18

Legislation Introduced to Limit Overdraft Fees
Credit Union Watch, 8/7/18

Consumer Group Poll Shows Voters Disfavor Current Direction of BCFP but Support its Overall Mission
Inside ARM, 8/7/18

Wells Fargo ‘failed customers so miserably,’ advocates say
Charlotte Observer, 8/6/18

Consumers Support CFPB Despite Efforts to Undermine the Bureau
Inside Sources, 8/2/18

Leading Groups Oppose Occ Proposal To Charter Fintechs
US PIRG, 8/2/18

Consumer agency hated by Trump and GOP lawmakers has the backing of most Americans
Los Angeles Times 7/31/18

New Survey Shows Vast Amount Of Americans Support CFPB
Pymnts, 7/31/18

Nonprofits Call For Probe of Mulvaney’s Payday Lender Ties
Law360, 7/25/18

Washington Has ‘Amnesia’ on Bank Reg Rollbacks: Brown
Law360, 7/24/18

Dodd-Frank is a success story, say progressives and former regulators
American Banker, 7/24/18

Consumer Bureau Nominee Appears to Survive Senators’ Grilling
Government Executive, 7/23/18

Adversaries to allies: How Hensarling, Waters came together on bill

Politico, 7/20/18

As Senate considers Kathy Kraninger, more than 100 groups release video to defend CFPB.
U.S. PIRG, 7/19/18

What Brett Kavanaugh Could Mean for Real Estate
Realtor, 7/19/18

CCAR ‘apocalypse’ leads to excess bank capital, says lobbyist, 7/18/18

Is Kathy Kraninger qualified to run the CFPB?
NPR, 7/18/18

Midterms will show voters are tired of taking back seat to Wall Street
The Hill, 7/13/18

Proposals Would Help Homeowners, Make Ex-Presidents Pay for Office Supplies

Roll Call, 7/16/18

Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup
Middle Market Growth, 7/13/18

What Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh could mean for consumer rights
MarketWatch, 7/13/18

803 small broker-dealers push for legislation to ease audits
InvestmentNews, 7/13/18

Brett Kavanaugh is out of step with how most Americans believe government regulation should work
Washington Post, 7/11/18

Business groups and unions clash over Supreme Court nominee
Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 7/10/18

Leandra English Resigns, Quietly Ending Another CFPB Chapter
Inside ARM, 7/9/18

Battle over CFPB leadership ends as Mulvaney challenger resigns
Politico, 7/6/18

Goodbye Regulations, Hello Impending Global Financial Crisis
Truthout, 7/3/18

Big banks, declaring success of crisis reforms, push to ease key capital rule
PoliticoPro, 6/24/18

Largest banks in the US pass the stress test
Forex News Now, 6/25/18

Biggest Banks Pass Fed’s Stress Tests
New York Times, 6/21/18

Trump and DeVos Trashing of Obama College Rules Will Hurt Students
Republic Report, 6/19/18

Testy hearings seen for nominee to take consumer-unit post
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 6/19/18

Trump set to name a replacement for Mick Mulvaney at CFPB
ConsumerAffairs, 6/18/18

‘Barbarous’ Confirmation Looms For Trump’s Surprise CFPB Pick
Financial Advisor, 6/18/18

Trump eyes low-profile White House staffer to head consumer body
Financial Times, 6/16/18

CFPB Director Mulvaney Fights Payday Regulations that Help Consumers
BlackPressUSA, 6/15/18

The CFPB is now the BCFP?
San Diego Union-Tribune, 6/13/18

Federal judge rejects CFPB’s effort to halt payday rule
American Banker, 6/13/18

CFPB’s acting director is acting up
New Pittsburgh Courier, 6/13/18

Deregulate-a-Palooza for Banks
The Progressive, 6/6/18

Housing market: Prices are up, but homes selling fast
The Sun-Chronicle, 6/8/18

Toys R Us employees deserve a severance from greedy Wall Street profiteers
New Jersey Star-Ledger, 6/8/18

CFPB’s Mulvaney Joins Payday Industry to Fight Regulation
Washington Informer, 6/7/18 

Behind the Scenes of Senate Democrats’ Bruising Bank Fight
Huffington Post, 6/7/18

Banks Try on New Volcker Rule, Like Its Wiggle Room.
Bloomberg, 6/6/18

Payday Loan Rule Compliance Date

National Law Review, 6/6/18

Democrat Heidi Heitkamp voted to deregulate banks. Now a Koch brothers group is publicly thanking her.​ 
Vox, 6/5/18

Nix, Don’t Fix, The Volcker Rule
Forbes, 6/5/18

Mulvaney Sides With Payday Lenders Asking Court to Block Restrictions
NY Times, 6/5/18

Volcker rule reforms promise banks trading boost
Financial Times, 5/31/18

US regulators begin to ease Volcker rule
Financial Times, 5/31/18

Wall Street about to snag one of biggest victories of Trump era
Washington Post, 5/30/18

Federal Reserve scales back ‘Volcker Rule’ limits on bank trading
The Oregonian, 5/30/18

Fed votes to scale back hated ‘Volcker Rule’ on Wall Street
New York Post, 5/30/18

Big Banks to Get a Break From Limits on Risky Trading
NY Times, 5/30/18

Fed Releases Proposal for Easing Volcker Rule Trading Limits
Bloomberg, 5/30/18

Fed Releases Proposal for Easing Volcker Rule Trading Limits
Bloomberg, 5/30/18

No, Repealing the Volcker Rule Won’t Cause an Economic Collapse
Reason Blog, 5/30/18

Trump’s regulators deliver new victory for banks
Politico, 5/30/18

Big banks to get reprieve from Volcker rule
San Antonio Express-News, 5/30/18

Fed looks to ease rule that limits risky bank trading
Orlando Sentinel, 5/29/18

State Advisor Landscape Snapshot
Think Advisor, 5/29/28

Spurning left, centrist Dems tout bank law for midterms
The Hill, 5/28/28

‘They answer to their stockholders’: Local family suing Wall Street-backed landlord
St. Augustine Record, 5/27/18

Progressives Ask Schumer to Pick Like-Minded Financial Watchdogs
Bloomberg, 5/24/18

Trump to sign partial Dodd-Frank repeal: A financial win or the start of a new crisis?
WJLA-TV, 5/23/18

Wall Street Comes to Alameda
East Bay Express, 5/23/18

Congress Rolls Back Part Of Dodd-Frank, Easing Rules For Midsize, Smaller Banks
NPR, 5/23/2018

Congress to roll back post-crisis rules as banks post record profits​
Washington Post, 5/22/18

Dodd-Frank Rollback: What It Means For Consumers
NerdWallet, 5/22/18

Bill Aimed at Saving Community Banks Is Already Killing Them
The Intercept, 5/16/18

Will capital plan cost big banks $400M or $121B? Yes
American Banker, 5/14/18

Wall Street Lobbying: Behind the Numbers
Think Advisor, 5/11/18

Wells Fargo’s Timeout, Lobbying Largesse
Barron’s, 5/11/18

Congress scraps rule barring auto lending bias
Philadelphia Tribune, 5/11/18

CFPB eliminates student loan office
Consumer Affairs, 5/10/18

Student debt hurts the whole economy. So why is Trump making the problem worse?
NBC Think, 5/10/18

Wall Street Pumping in Big Money
Politico,  Morning Money, 5/8/18

Why Did Chuck Schumer Hire an Ex-Goldman Sachs Lobbyist?
The Nation, 5/9/18

Mick Mulvaney takes aim at consumer bureau’s student protection unit
Washington Post, 5/9/18

House Votes to Dismantle Bias Rule in Auto Lending
NY Times, 5/8/18

Nonbank Home Lending Surges in SoFla. Here’s Why That Might Be Tricky
The Real Deal, 5/8/18

ALEC Payday Loan Company Gets Reprieve Under Trump Administration
Center for Media & Democracy, 5/2/18 

ALEC Payday Loan Company Gets Reprieve Under Trump Administration
Center for Media & Democracy, 5/2/18

Obama holdout stands in way of US bank deregulatory wave
Financial Times, 5/2/18

Mick Mulvaney’s Wells Fargo Settlement Lets The Bank Decide How Consumers Are Paid Back
The Intercept, 4/26/18
Mulvaney’s unnecessary advice to bankers: Pay to play
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 4/26/18

9 Democrats Sign Up To Help Wall Street Steal Cars
Huffington Post, 4/22/2018Wells Fargo Reportedly Will Be Fined $1 Billion For Screwing Its Customers
Splinter, 4/19/2018Progressive groups protest payday loan conference at Trump resort

Tampa Bay Times, 4/19/18

Congress to Unleash Predatory Auto Loan Lenders on Black People
News One, 4/19/2018

SEC Seeks to Require Brokers to Put Their Clients First
NY Times, 4/18/2018

Senate Votes to Ease Restrictions on Auto Lending Discrimination
NY Times, 4/18/2018

Time for Senators to Look in the Mirror, 4/17/2018

Faith Leaders Gather At Trump National Doral To Protest Against Payday Lending Conference
WGCU Radio, 4/17/2018

Local faith leaders protest lender association conference in Doral
WSVN-TV Miami, 4/17/2018

How The Lending Landscape Is Quietly Changing
PYMNTS, 4/17/2018A good consumer agency is a weak consumer agency, says Trump’s watchdog
LA Times, 4/17/2018Louisiana banks hope for regulatory relief from Congress; critics fear unraveling of post-crisis protections
The Advocate, 4/16/2018If Fed Moves Unlock Billions at Banks, Here’s Who Might Win Most
Bloomberg, 4/16/2018During tenure working for banks, Tim Pawlenty thrilled Wall Street, angered consumer advocates
Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 4/15/2018Fed proposes cuts to capital requirements for largest banks
Financial Times, 4/11/2018Big Banks Find a Back Door to Finance Subprime Loans
Wall St. Journal, 4/10/2018Would the Senate banking bill boost economic growth?
Washington Examiner, 4/10/2018‘Consumer’ may get a demotion if Mick Mulvaney’s CFPB overhaul includes altering its name
Los Angeles Times, 4/10/2018Keep credit scores independent and reliable for the mortgage market
HousingWire, 4/5/18
CFPB director asks Congress to reduce the agency’s power
ConsumerAffairs, 4/3/18
Consumer advocates launch campaign against ‘predatory’ payday lending, 3/30/18
Fed chair Jay Powell faces his first political test
Financial Times, 3/30/18
All But One of Ohio’s 11 GOP Representatives Voted for 17 out of 19 Anti-Consumer Bills Supported by Financial Industry Since Last Year
Cleveland Scene, 3/30/18
See how Louisiana members of Congress rate with Americans for Financial Reform
New Orleans Times-Picayune, 3/30/18
If regulators can’t fix bank culture, who can?
American Banker, 3/29/18
‘Lenny the Loan Shark’ Leads Opposition to Payday Rule Repeal
Roll Call, 3/29/18
Congress Consistently Votes with Wall Street, Against Consumers
Public News Service, 3/28/18
Eleven “Small” Banks That Would Gain From the Senate Banking Bill Sport Hefty Pay Gaps
Truth-Out, 3/20/28Can the red-blue partisan divide be overcome? Bernie Sanders thinks so
Salon, 3/17/18Don’t let better times blind you to harmful side of banking law rollbacks
Washington Post and Portland Press Herald etc., 3/16/18
Eleven “Small” Banks That Would Gain From the Senate Banking Bill Sport Hefty Pay Gaps, 3/16/18
Senate vote to weaken Dodd-Frank risks another financial crisis
Market Watch, 3/15/18
Chuck Schumer to Blame for Democratic Sell-out to Big Bank Lobbyists
Common Dreams, 3/15/18Congress rides to the rescue of thriving bankers
Politico, 3/14/18
Senate Does Equifax A Favor As A Former Executive Is Charged With Insider Trading
Huffpost, 3/14/18

Senate Passes Major Financial Reform Bill
Value Walk, 3/14/18

Once a bailout recipient, this profitable midsize bank may soon win relief from banking rules
Washington Post, 3/13/18

Dodd-Frank Fixes Set for Senate Passage; House Poised to Pounce
Mortgage News Daily, 3/12/18

Meet the Democratic ‘Dirty Dozen’ Working to Gut Financial Reforms
Alternet, 3/10/18

Dems Team Up with GOP to Weaken Bank Rules
Democracy Now!, 3/7/18

Regulators may start cracking down on ‘Flash Boy’ traders
New York Post, 3/5/18

Bank earnings are soaring, but congress wants to gut post-crisis safeguards
Intercept, 3/5/18

As Senate nears big vote, Dodd-Frank shows its staying power
American Banker, 3/2/18

More problems at Wells Fargo: Feds probing sales practice concerns in new area
Charlotte Observer, 3/1/18

How Democrats Are Helping Trump Dismantle Dodd-Frank
New Republic, 3/1/18

A Dozen Democrats Want To Help Banks Hide Racial Discrimination In Mortgages
Huffington Post, 3/1/18

Kushner is Exhibit A of why banking deregulation may be tough sell
Washington Post, 3/1/18

Is it time to roll back US bank regulation?
Financial Times, 3/1/18

Deliver 450,000 Grassroots Actions To Congress Urging Rejection Of “The Bank Lobbyist Act”
Value Walk, 2/28/18

Trump is tearing up the system that protects ordinary Americans from financial scams
Vox, 2/26/18

Rule letting US dismantle giant banks should stay, Treasury Department says
Los Angeles Times, 2/21/18

Treasury Won’t Ditch Post-Crisis Plan for Resolving Failed Banks
Bloomberg, 2/21/18

Treasury Downsizes Liquidation Authorities Created to Avert Bailouts
District Sentinel, 2/21/18

The CFPB has become the “Corporate Financial Protection Bureau”
Real Bank Reform, 2/8/18

Sacramento is the land of corporate landlords
Sacramento News & Review, 2/8/18

Mulvaney Takes Heat for Handling of Equifax Probe
Courthouse News Service, 2/7/18

Can the CFPB remain relevant?
Bankrate, 2/6/18

Report claims CFPB is backing away from Equifax probe
Consumer Affairs, 2/6/18

Trump-appointed CFPB head eases up on Equifax probe
Luxora Leader, 2/6/18

Equifax compromised half of the country’s information. Trump’s CFPB isn’t looking into it.
Vox, 2/5/18

Mulvaney to Move CFPB’s Consumer Response
InsideARM, 2/5/18

The Trump Administration Just Made it Easier for Banks to Screw Over Minority Borrowers
Mother Jones, 2/2/18

Did Mick Mulvaney just drastically change how the CFPB enforces fair lending laws?
HousingWire, 2/2/18

Dems Demand Answers From Mulvaney on New Payday Lending Policy
Credit Union Times, 2/2/18

Payday Rules Relax on Trump’s Watch After Lobbying by Lenders
New York Times, 2/2/18

Mulvaney Cuts CFPB Fair Lending Office’s Enforcement Power
Law 360, 2/1/18

Trump administration strips consumer watchdog office of enforcement powers in lending discrimination cases
Washington Post, 2/1/18

Can the CFPB remain relevant?
Bankrate, 2/1/18

Wall Street Becomes Landlord to Millions – Redacted Tonight
Redacted Tonight, 1/29/18

Color of Money Live
Washington Post, 1/25/18

Why Democrats need to stand with working Americans vs. big banks
Washington Post, 1/23/18

What Happens When Wall Street Becomes Your Landlord?
TruthOut/, 1/23/18

Two Federal Reserve Openings Provide One Chance to Counter Trump
New York Times, 1/18/18

You Think Your Landlord Is Bad? Try Renting From Wall Street
The Intercept, 1/18/18

Report Claims Larger Landlords Exploiting Tenants, Harming Neighborhoods
CBS Sacramento, 1/18/18

To keep bond-ratings, hedge funds must be the most ruthless of landlords, 1/18/17

Tenants across America are being exploited by corporate landlords, report finds
Inman, 1/18/18

Could a government shutdown spook the stock market?
Washington Post, 1/18/18

In replacing Dudley, New York Fed aims to avoid political pitfalls
Reuters, 1/17/18

Have Banker Deregulation Demands Jumped the Shark?
US PIRG 1/16/18

Traitors on the Left: Dems Help Trump and the GOP Reverse Obama-Era Bank Rules
Paste, 1/16/18

Democrats Add Momentum to GOP Push to Loosen Banking Rules
New York Times, 1/15/18

Despite loss, legal battle against CFPB’s Mulvaney isn’t over yet
American Banker, 1/11/18

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