Joint Event: Payday Loan Sharks – The Ruinous Scam Preying on Our Communities

Please join Sen. Sherrod Brown and leaders of grassroots organizations as they stand up to fight against predatory payday lenders.Payday lenders are essentially legalized loan sharks, scamming American families in an effort to line their own pockets. As the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau fights back against the payday industry while facing an existential threat, we must raise our voices against these con artists.

Speakers will include:

Sen. Sherrod Brown

Ranking Member, Senate Banking Committee

Randi Weingarten

President, American Federation of Teachers

Hilary Shelton

Washington Bureau Director & Senior Vice President, Advocacy, NAACP

Winnie Stachelberg

Executive Vice President for External Affairs, Center for American Progress

Neil Sroka

Communications Director, Democracy for America

Lisa Donner

Executive Director, Americans For Financial Reform

July 13, 2016 at 10:15 a.m.

U.S. Senate Banking Committee Room

538 Dirksen