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Report: Climate Roadmap for U.S. Financial Regulation

Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund and Public Citizen released the “Climate Roadmap for U.S. Financial Regulation” to guide the new administration to mitigate climate financial risk and decrease the financial sector’s contribution to the climate crisis.

Paper: Lifting the Curtain on Private Equity

In partnership with The American Federation of Teachers, AFREF released a paper entitled “Lifting the Curtain on Private Equity: A Guide for Institutional Investors and Policymakers.”

Report: Kraninger Lets Industry “Drive the Agenda” at CFPB, Even During COVID-19 Pandemic

Kathleen Kraninger, the current director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, told an audience of bankers at a November  2019 industry gathering that “you are really helping drive the agenda.” Unfortunately for the public and for consumer financial protection, the Kraninger agenda and the Wall Street lobby’s priorities are indeed all too similar, even during the COVID-19 pandemic and massive economic distress.

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Report: Pandemic-Related Assistance a Backdoor Bailout of Biggest Banks

While it’s true that the largest banks currently look solvent in the face of economic stress, this is in significant part because they have benefited greatly from regulatory forbearance and from Federal Reserve intervention in financial markets. This report, based on analysis of regulations and bank financial reports by Americans for Financial Education Fund and Risky Finance, lays out some of the clearest ways in which the nation’s six largest banks have benefited from regulatory forbearance and the Federal Reserve’s financial market interventions.

Policy Memo: SPAC-tacular for Wall Street, For the Rest of Us, Less So

The folk legend Robin Hood was, as every child knows, the legendary outlaw who robbed from the rich to give to the poor. But in a reincarnation of a long-running Wall Street scheme, it is the wily financiers who rob from the ordinary folk holding investment accounts at Robinhood.