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News Release: McConnell Proposal on Coronavirus Crisis Falls Far Short

This major crisis demands a massive and swift response, but it must focus first on health care, and then on easing the burdens on everyday people, communities, and small businesses who are hardest hit. The McConnell proposal falls far, far short of what the situation demands.

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News Release: Wall Street Should Not Drive Coronavirus Response

Apart from the obvious fact that this is a public health crisis and should be treated as such, we should all be immensely skeptical of any suggestion from Wall Street that it needs a bailout or any kind of assistance. We need to help people, not profits.

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Letter to Congress: Oppose Kranbuhl Nomination at Treasury

His career is marred by a record of supporting dangerous deregulatory policies that have left our financial system ill equipped to face the economic challenges it is now confronted by. This includes efforts to weaken the Volcker rule that will further damage the resiliency of major financial institutions and a housing policy that treats market deregulation as the solution to our nation’s housing affordability crisis.

Letter to Regulators: AFR Supports Competitive Swaps Trading

The AFR Education Fund wrote a letter to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission supporting the agency’s proposal to require anonymous trading of cleared derivatives on Swaps Execution Facilities. Revealing the identity of trading partners can prevent new competitors from entering these markets and bidding down

In The News: Zombie debt – CFPB proposal could trick consumers into bringing dead debts back to life (The Washington Post)

It is “disappointing,” said Linda Jun, senior policy counsel for Americans for Financial Reform. The CFPB should bar the collection of debts that have passed their statute of limitations altogether. “The whole point of statute of limitations is that the government has decided that the debt is no longer collectible,” Jun said. “If you can’t be sued on it, why are you getting mail on it?”

Letter to Regulators: Assessing Costs and Benefits of Regulations

The AFR Education Fund wrote a letter to the FDIC regarding the analysis of costs and benefits, in which we urged the regulator not to impose a false and excessively narrow framework of “cost-benefit analysis” on their decisions. Download the letter here.

Fact Sheet: Kraninger Lets Industry “Drive the Agenda” at CFPB

Kathleen Kraninger, the current director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, told an audience of bankers at a November 2019 industry gathering that “you are really helping drive the agenda.” Unfortunately for the public and for consumer financial protection, the Kraninger agenda and the Wall Street lobby’s agenda are indeed all too similar. Since the Senate confirmed Kraninger on a party-line vote, she has steered the CFPB in an anti-consumer direction, making it easier for Wall Street and predatory lenders to rip people off and to discriminate against people of color.