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Letters to Regulators: Memo to ED Supporting Continuity of Education From Carceral Setting to Reentry In Regulations on Pell Grants for Prison Education Programs

AFREF joined a memo to ED establishing their obligation to support education in reentry as Pell has been reinstated for incarcerated individuals and more individuals who will now begin a postsecondary education inside will not finish their degree within the correctional setting and will instead have to finish during reentry. The paper also demonstrates the types of support Prison Education Programs (PEP) could provide to help with the ‘education continuum’ from college inside to education outside.

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Statement: AFR Statement on President’s Working Group Report on Stablecoins

The Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund views the current state of the stablecoin market as a danger to consumers and to financial stability, and we are disappointed that the President’s Working Group (PWG) has focused on Congressional action as the central path for responding to these challenges.

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Letters to the Administration: Letter Urging Ambassador Susan Rice to Protect Civil Rights in the Use of Data-Driven Technologies

AFREF joined a letter urging Ambassador Susan Rice to place a high priority on ensuring data-driven technologies, including algorithmic decision making, artificial intelligence, and machine learning increasingly used to make important decisions about people’s lives, protect civil rights, prevent unlawful discrimination, and advance equal opportunity.