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Letters to Regulators: Comment to the SEC on SPACs

AFREF sent a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission expressing its support for its many proposals that would amend the definition of a “blank check company” to include the current and any future iterations of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs). Such proposals would impose greater liability on many involved in the creation and distribution of SPACs and provide investors with greater transparency into the forward looking projections that the issuers of SPACs have been misleadingly overly optimistic with.

Blog: Private Equity and The Care Economy

Having a rapacious business like private equity watching over particularly vulnerable people has never been a good idea. Still the evidence is mounting that Wall Street has pushed the envelope in recent years. Nursing homes, youth facilities, and homes for disabled adults have all fallen under the ownership of an industry with a track record of prioritizing wealth extraction over running companies well, to say nothing of caring for people in need.

In The News: Senators to Propose Industry-Friendly Cryptocurrency Bill

“This legislation would do quite a bit to undermine existing securities laws by creating an alternative route that could bypass the current, time-tested rules,” said Mark Hays, a senior policy analyst on fintech at Americans for Financial Reform, a progressive advocacy group. He added that the bill would create a new class of securities that lack the necessary investor protections.