AFR in the News (2012-2014)

Payday Lenders Lash Back at Bilking Accusations
Kevin Cirilli, The Hill, 12/31/14

Federal Reserve Gives Yet another Gift to Big Banks
Steve Straehley, AllGov, 12/22/14

Elizabeth Warren Escalates Fight over Treasury Nominee Antonio Weiss, Goes to War with Wall Street Wing of Democratic Party
Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism, 12/20/14

Tillis, McHenry among top recipients of payday lending industry campaign cash
NC Policy Watch, 12/19/14

Banks Win More Time to Sell Private Equity Stakes
Kevin McRory, USA Today, 12/18/14

Fed Delays Volcker Rule, Giving Wall Street Another Holiday Gift
Zach Carter, Huffington Post, 12/18/14

Fed Gives Banks More Time to Sell Private-Equity, Hedge Fund Stakes
Ryan Tracy and Scott Patterson, Morningstar, 12/18/14

Payday Lenders Throw Millions at Politicians to Get Their Way
Blake Ellis and Melanie Hicken, CNN Money, 12/18/14

U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder of Kansas Defends Measure Relaxing Banking Rules
Dave Helling, Kansas City Star, 12/17/14

Congressman Behind Controversial Citigroup Wall Street Provision Is MIA
Edward Arnold, Opposing Views, 12/16/14

Wall Street, DC
Lisa Gilbert & Bartlett Naylor, The Hill, 12/16/14

Senate Passes $1.1 Trillion Federal Spending Bill, Working On Nominations Now
Esther Whieldon, SNL Financial, 12/16/14

Massive Bill’s Reform Deficit
Editorial, Scrantom Times, 12/16/14

Obama’s Left-Side Headache
Margaret Talev and Michael Bender, Bloomberg, 12/13/14

Critics Say Spending Bill Includes a Bonanza for Wall Street
Erin McClam, NBC News, 12/12/14

With Dodd-Frank Rollback, The Big Bad Banks Are Back
Steve Denning, Forbes, 12/12

Wall Street Spends More in 2014 Than It Did To Defeat Dodd-Frank
Joseph Hines, Demos PolicyShop, 12/11/14

How Wall Street Got its Way
Dave Clarke, Kate Davidson & Jon Prior, PoliticoPro, 12/11/14

8 Things to Know About the ‘Cromnibus’ Budget Deal Congress Just Unveiled
Alan Pyke, ThinkProgress, 12/11/14

Wall Street Spent $1.2 Billion in Campaign Donations, Lobbying This Election Cycle
Jeremy Greenfield, The, 12/11/14

Senator Warren Calls on House to Strike Repeal of Dodd-Frank Provision from Government Spending Bill
Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Floor Statement (YouTube), 12/10/14

Warren Tells Democrats to Oppose Spending Bill over Dodd-Frank Change
Joseph Lawler, Washington Examiner, 12/10/14

The Financial Regulation Congress Is Quietly Trying to Destroy in the Budget
Mike Konczal, Next New Deal, 12/10/14

Congress to Reinstate Taxpayer Subsidies for Reckless Derivatives Trading
Mary Bottari, Center for Media and Democracy, 12/11/14

Elizabeth Warren’s Latest Wall Street Attack Her Boldest Yet
David Dayen, The New Republic, 12/9/14

Warren Dubs Weiss a Bank ‘Dealmaker’ Lacking Resume for Treasury
Jeanna Smialek, Bloomberg, 12/9/14

Massad’s CFTC Pursues Softer Tone as Battles With Industry Fade
Silla Brush, Bloomberg, 11/25/14

Wells Fargo, PNC Draw Protest of Arbitration Clauses
Colin Wilhelm, American Banker, 11/20/14

After Criticism, Fed Will Study Wall St. Oversight
Peter Eavis, New York Times, 11/20/14

We’ve Been Waiting too Long for Those CEO Pay Rules from the SEC
Dave Johnson, Campaign for America’s Future, 11/12/14

Protecting Soldiers’ Finances a Growing Priority
Kelley Holland, CNBC, 11/11/14

Stop Swindling Our Soldiers
Rebecca Thiess and Jim Lardner, US News, 11/10/14

Growing Push to Stop Payday Loan Debt Trap
Charlene Crowell, North Dallas Gazette, 11/7/14

Ross Holds Money Lead Over Cohn in House Race
Eric Pera, Lakeland Ledger, 10/31/14

Senate Critics to Examine if Regulators are Too Cozy With Banks
Joseph Lawler, Washington Examiner, 10/31/14

Banking on Influence
Alison Fitzgerald, Slate, 10/31/14

4 Big Money Issues You’ll Find on Tuesday’s Ballot
Jacob Davidson, Money Magazine, 10/30/14

Experts Debate Report Opposing Bank Breakup
Eric Garcia, MarketWatch, 10/29/14

Cornyn Clout Helps Fill Coffers From Range Of Industries
Todd J. Gillman & Kimberly Railey, Dallas Morning News, 10/27/14

Elizabeth Warren on the Perils of Payday Loans
Patrick Murphy, MSNBC, 10/26/14

Something Is Dangerously Wrong at the New York Fed
David Dayen, Fiscal Times, 10/24/14

CFPB Urged by Advocacy Groups to Rein In Small-Dollar Lenders
Bloomberg First Word, 10/23/14

How the Fed Blew Its Most Important Job for Over Three Years
Zach Carter, Huffington Post, 10/22/14

Opponent Criticizes Andy Barr for Opposing Efforts to Crackdown on Online Payday Lenders
John Cheves, Lexington (Ky.) Herald, 10/17/14

Ross Rakes in Financial Services Money to Top Cohn in Fund Raising
William March, Tampa Tribune, 10/8/14

Inside the New York Federal Reserve
BBC Interview with Marcus Stanley, 10/7/14

Wall Street Spends $1.5 Million Every Day Influencing Congress
Represent Us (social media campaign)

Why Wall Street is Betting on Republicans to Take the Senate
Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, Washington Post, 10/1/14

Finding Out How Much the Boss Earns
Jena McGregor, Washington Post, 9/29/14

Biting the Hand that Feeds You?
Nancy Marshall-Genzer, Marketplace, 9/29/14

CFPB Sues Corinthian Colleges for Harmful and Illegal Predatory Lending Practices
Chris Hicks, Jobs With Justice, 9/25/14

Business Slams Plan to Expand Consumer Protection Bureau’s Complaint Website
Kevin Cirilli, The Hill, 9/24/14

We Urge CFPB to Add Stories to Complaint Database
Ed Mierzwinski, US PIRG, 9/23/14

Wall Street Watchdog Slams SEC Over CEO Pay Disclosure Rule
Tim Devaney, The Hill, 9/19/14

Wall Street Court Defeat Strengthens Swap Rules Overseas
Silla Brush, Andrew Zajac & Robert Schmidt, Boomberg, 9/17/14

House Votes to Audit The Fed… and Deregulate Wall Street
Zach Carter, Huffington Post, 9/17/14

Wall Street Defeat Strengthens Swap Rules Overseas
Silla Brush, Andrew Zajac & Robert Schmidt, Bloomberg, 9/17/14

Lobbyist Pawlenty Runs Afoul of Banks in Consumer Bureau Battle
Carter Dougherty, Bloomberg, 9/15/14

Banking Industry Donates Heavily to U.S. Rep. Andy Barr as He Champions Deregulation Bills
John Cheves, Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/13/14

Regulators Propose Rule to Reduce Risk of Derivatives
Peter Eavis, New York Times, 9/3/14

Big Finance’s Ploy to Keep Consumers in the Dark
Jim Lardner, US News & World Report, 8/21/14

Wall Street Launches “Pants-on-Fire” Attack on CFPB
Ed Mierzwinski, US PIRG, 8/19/14

U.S. Bank Bonus Curb Hit by Regulatory Squabble
Gina Chon, Financial Times, 8/14/14

Wall Street Money Floods Washington
Jim Lardner, US News, 8/14/13

Banks Push to Delay Rule on Investments
Andrew Ackerman and Ryan Tracy, Wall Street Journal, 8/12/14

Big Money’s Sway: Financial-Sector Lobbying, Campaign Contributions Influence
Gail Liberman, Palm Beach Daily, 8/10/14

The Secret Wall Street Tax You’re Paying but Shouldn’t Be
David Dayen, Fiscal Times, 8/1/14

15 Biggest Political Donors in Financial Industry
Think Advisor, 7/25/14

Wall Street Spending $1.5 million a Day on Lobbying, Campaigns
PressTV, 7/27/14

Spending on Wall Street Lobbying at Record
Adrian Tawfik, Democracy Chronicles, 7/26/14

The CFPB at Three: Child Prodigy
Ed Mierzwinski, U.S. PIRG, 7/21/14

The CFPB Is Paying Off for Consumers
Rebecca Thiess, US News, 7/24/14

Fed Proposal to End Bailouts Falls Short
Marcus Stanley and Mark Calabria, The Hill, 7/24/14

How We Won the Janet Yellen Fight
Kenneth Quinnell, AFL-CIO Now, 7/24/14

Ignore the Naysayers:Dodd-Frank Reforms Are Finally Paying Off
Mike Konczal, The New Republic, 7/23/14

Wall Street Backlash Will Shake up 2016 Election
David Weidner, Wall St. Journal, 7/22/14

Bank Rules Win Fans
Darrell Delamaide, USA Today, 7/22/14

Car Loans Could Be the Next Subprime Crisis. Thanks, Republicans!
Erika Eichelberger, Mother Jones, 7/22/14

GAO Study Expected to Say Big Banks’ Subsidy Has Shrunk (For Now)
Donna Borak and Victoria Finkle, American Banker, 7/22/14

Dodd-Frank’s FSOC Under Fire as Americans Push for Wall Street Crackdown
Melanie Waddell, ThinkAdvisor, 7/22/14

Rep. Cartwright and Rep. Cohen Announce “Protecting Consumers from Unreasonable Credit Rates Act”
Office of Rep. Matt Cartwright, 7/17/14

Republicans Slam Operation Choke Point; DOJ Official Backs Its Targeted Nature
Rob Tricchinelli, Bloomberg BNA (paywalled), 7/15/14

Did Citigroup Get Off Easy With $7 Billion Penalty?
Erika Eichelberger, Mother Jones, 7/14/14

House Approves CFTC Reauthorization, Changes to Dodd-Frank
JDSupra Business Advisor, 7/10/14

Nearly 600,000 Sign Petition for “21st Century Glass-Steagall Act”
Value Walk, 7/9/14

How Obama Can Rein in Wall Street Without Going Through Congress
Danielle Douglas, Washington Post, 7/5/14

Obama Decries Big Bonuses to Bank Trading Desks as Risky
Mike Dorning, Bloomberg, 7/3/14

This “Tough-As-Nails” Banking Watchdog Isn’t That Tough-As-Nails
Erika Eichelberger, Mother Jones, 7/3/14

The Outrageous Campaign Against Operation Choke Point
Jim Lardner, US News, 7/2/14

Wall Street Defends Overseas Swap Trading From U.S. Regulation
Silla Brush, Bloomberg, 7/1/14

House Passes Bill to Aid Koch Brothers, Deregulate Wall Street
Zach Carter, Huffington Post, 6/26/14

Liberal Groups Back Operation Choke Point
Congressional Quarterly (paywalled), 6/24/14

Big Banks & IMF: No Structural Reform
Bretton Wood Project, 6/20/14

Customer Protection’ For Wall Street? GOP Still Doesn’t Get It
Isaiah Poole, Campaign for America’s Future, 6/17/14

House Committee Approves CFPB Bills in Series of Contested Party-Line Votes
Rob Tricchinelli. Bloomberg BNA (paywalled), 6/11/14

CFPB Faces a “Death of a Thousand Cuts” Today
Ed Mierzwinski, US PIRG, 6/10/14

CFPB Mortgage Rule Change OK’d by House; Would Alter How Mortgage Points Calculated
Jeff Bater, Bloomberg BNA (paywalled), 6/10/14

JOBS 2.0 Bills Set to Get Committee Nod, But Crowdfunding Measure Not Addressed
Rob Tricchinelli, Bloomberg BNA (paywalled), 6/10/14

OCC to Rotate On-Site Examiners at Banks to Boost Oversight
Jesse Hamilton, Bloomberg, 5/28/14

FDCPA Amendment Would Limit Lawsuit Cost Awards to Debt Collectors
Patrick Lunsford,, 5/13/14

The SEC Has Revealed Astounding Corruption in Private Equity
Mike Konczal, The New Republic, 5/12/14

Tax Farming in America
Kenneth H. Ryesky, American Thinker, 5/12/14

Regulator Suggests End to Banks’ Self-Grading
Peter Eavis, New York Times, 5/10/14

Two of the World’s Biggest Banks Could Soon Face Federal Charges
KP Whaley, Wisconsin Public Radio, 5/7/14

Lawmakers’ Prodding of SEC, DOL Fiduciary Collaboration a ‘Tactic,’ Consumer Groups Say
Melanie Waddell, ThinkAdvisor, 5/6/14

Sheryl Garrett Scoffs at Argument Against Fiduciary Duty
Mark Schoeff. Investment News, 5/6/14

When Salespeople Call Themselves Advisers
Jim Lardner, USNews, 5/6/14

B-Ds Expect Weaker Fiduciary Rule From SEC Than DOL, Advocate Says
Ted Knutson, Financial Advisor, 5/6/14

Eric Holder: There’s No Such Thing as “Too Big to Jail”
Kevin Dugan, New York Post, 5/6/14

House OKs Bill to Ease Volcker Curbs, On CLOs, Give Banks More Time to Divest
Rob Tricchinelli, Bloomberg BNA (paywalled), 4/29/14

Global Swap Regulators Holding Closed-Door Talks With Industry
Silla Brush and Jim Brunsden, Bloomberg, 4/28/14

US Plutocracy and the Dodd-Frank Sausage Machine
JP Sottile, TruthOut, 4/27/14

Other 98 Asks the Fed to Address the Dangers of Bank Involvement in Physical Commodities
Other 98%, 4/16/14

Financial Justice (book review)
John Atlas, Huffington Post, 4/22/14

Reform Group Questions Fed on Big Bank Commodity Ownership
Mark Melin, Value Walk, 4/17/14

Why Aren’t We Having a Public Debate on Investment Policies in the TTIP?
AFL-CIO Blog, 4/17/14

Raising Big Banks’ Leverage Ratio Good, But Not Nearly Enough
Gerald Epstein, Common Dreams, 4/14/14

CFPB Gets Results for Consumers…And Taxpayers, Too
Ed Mierzwinski, US PIRG, 4/14/14

Advocates Fear Sabotage of Wall St. Rules
Peter Schroeder, The Hill, 4/13/14

House Panel Approves Reauthorization Bill That Tackles End-User, FCM Customer Issues
Bloomberg BNA (paywalled), 4/9/14

CFTC Bill Opens Door to Dodd-Frank Changes
PoliticoPro (paywalled), 4/9/14

SECURE Act Would Help You Clear up Credit-Reporting Errors
Anthony Giorgianni, Fox Business News, 4/9/14

House Panel Votes to Limit CFTC’s Ability to Impose Derivatives Rules
Andrew Ackerman, Wall Street Journal, 4/9/14

Time to Reduce Repo Run Risk
Jennifer Taub, New York Times, 4/4/14

Senate Finance Committee to Vote on Mortgage Debt Relief Tax Extender
Jon Prior, Politico Pro (paywalled), 4/1/14

End Abusive Debt Collection Practices – Thiess & Taverna
Real Clear Policy, 3/25/14

Cleaning Up Debt Collection
Rebecca Thiess and Ellen Taverna, US News, 3/24/14

The Fed Was Supposed to Rein in Its Bailout Powers. Instead It Did This.
Erika Eichelberger, Mother Jones, 3/13/14

Shadow Banking Subtext
Reihan Salam, National Review blog, 3/13/14

European Commission Tells CFTC Advisory On Non-U.S. Swap Transactions
Bloomberg BNA (paywalled), 3/10/14

The Financial Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Its Lack of Diversity
Patrick Caldwell, Mother Jones, 3/11/13

Four Takeaways for Banks from Obama’s Budget
Victoria Finkle and Donna Borak, American Banker, 3/5/14

Another Battle Looms Over CFTC Funding
Mark Melin, Value Walk, 3/4/14

White House Seeks $280M for CFTC; Amount Is Reduction From Past Years
Richard Hill, BNA (paywalled), 3/4/14

While CFPB Takes Action to Aid Consumers, U.S. House Acts Against CFPB
Ed Mierzwinski, USPIRG, 2/27/14

DC Quadrakill
Theodore Cohen, Bucks County Courier Times, 2/26/14

‘Unaccountable Bureaucracy’ Wins High Marks From Public
Susan Antilla, The Street, 2/13/14

Reformer Supports CFTC SWAPs Negotiation With Caveats
Mark Melin, ValueWalk, 2/13/14

Groundbreaking New Mortgage Rules Are Here
Rebecca Thiess, USNews, 2/6/14

Banks Don’t Do Much Banking Anymore—and That’s a Serious Problem
David Dayen, Pacific Standard , 2/3/14

ICAP Seeks CFTC Oversight of London Swap-Trading Amid U.S. Suit
Silla Brush, Bloomberg, 1/31/14

JPMorgan Raises CEO’s Pay to $25.6 million
Melissa Sim, Singapore Straits-Times (paywalled), 1/26/14

Exporting U.S. Rules for Foreign Banks
Peter Eavis, New York Times, 1/22/14

Budget Deal Puts Squeeze on Financial Regulators
Paul Davidson, Pensacola News Journal, 1/15/14

Budget Deal Puts Squeeze On Financial Regulators
Paul Davidson, USA Today, 1/14/14

Fed Outlines Proposals to Limit Short-Term Wholesale Funding Risks
Noam Noked, HLS Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, 1/3/14

CFPB: Regulation Done Right
Michael Calhoun, The Hill, 1/2/14

The 25 Best Progressive Victories of 2013
Peter Dreier, Common Dreams, 1/1/14

2013 Was a Bad Year for Wall Street Lobbyists
Mike Konczal, New Republic, 12/29/13

The Volcker Rule Is Already Having an Impact
Marcus Stanley, AFR Blog, 12/20/13

How Will the Volcker Rule Stand Up Against the Armies of Wall Street?
Jim Lardner,, 12/19/13

The Volcker Rule: Wins, Losses & Toss-ups
Alexis Goldstein, The Nation, 12/11/13

The Volcker Rule Is Tough. It’s Complicated. Will It Be Effective? 
Peter Coy, Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/11/13

Banking Under Dodd-Frank Takes Shape With Volcker-Rule Approval 
Clea Benson and Dave Michaels, Bloomberg, 12/11/3

Here’s the Story Behind the Big Wall Street Reform Rule That Was Just Approved
Erika Eichelberger, Mother Jones, 12/10/13

Regulators adopt final Volcker rule limits on bank trading
Danielle Douglas, Washington Post, 12/10/13

The first Volcker Rule loophole?
Nancy Marshall-Genzer, Marketplace, 12/10/13

The Volcker Rule: How It Will Work, and Why It May Still Fail
David Dayen, New Republic, 12/10/13

The Volcker Rule: An Essential Reader
John Light, Moyers & Co., 12/10/13

Volcker Rule Allows Both Banks and Regulators to Declare Victory
Robert Schmidt, Bloomberg, 12/10/13

Glass-Steagall Fans Plan New Assault If Volcker Rule Deemed Weak
Phil Mattingly and Cheyenne Hopkins, Bloomberg, 12/9/13

Volcker Rule Will Force U.S. Banks to Comply With Five Regimes
Jesse Hamilton and Cheyenne Hopkins, Bloomberg, 12/7/13

The Volcker rule is nearly finished. Here’s how we’ll know if it’s any good.
Mike Konczal, Washington Post Wonkblog, 12/7/13

Going After the Modern-Day Loanshark
Jim Lardner,, 12/5/13

How Filibuster Reform Could Help Obama Crack Down on Banks
Erika Eichelberger, Mother Jones, 12/2/13

Easier Road Seen For Obama Regs
Ben Goad and Julian Hattem, The Hill, 11/29/13

Fed’s Tarullo Says Volcker Rule Will Prevent More London Whales
Jeff Kearns and Jesse Hamilton,  Bloomberg, 11/23/13

Regulators Warn Banks on ‘Payday Loans’
Ben Goad, The Hill, 11/22/13

Tarullo Backs More Capital for Firms Relying on Repo Funds
Craig Torres and Jeff Kearns,, 11/22/13

Fed’s Tarullo Details Plans to Counter Bank Runs
Reuters, 11/22/13

Warren Urges Congress to Tackle ‘Too-Big-To-Fail’ by Curbing Bank Activities
Emmanuel Olaoye, Reuters, 11/13/13

A ‘Roadmap’ for Financial Reform
Ned Resnikoff, MSNBC, 11/12/13

Progressive Groups Call for Further Financial Reform
Donna Borak, American Banker, 11/12/13

Warren: End ‘Too Big to Fail’
Bryan Koenig, CNN, 11/12/13

Elizabeth Warren Says Growth of Wall Street Banks Poses Threat of Another Economic Meltdown 
Mattias Gugel, Boston Globe, 11/12/13

Warren: New Wall Street Overhaul Needed
Peter Schroeder, The Hill, 11/12/13

Obama Nominates Senior Treasury Official to Lead CFTC
Zachary A. Goldfarb and Danielle Douglas, Washington Post. 11/12/13

When Lobbyists Literally Write the Bill
Ailsa Chang, NPR, 11/11/13

Financial Deregulation Locomotive Slows in the House
Jim Lardner,, 11/7/13

With Fervent Fans Behind Her, Warren Wages Crusade as Happy Warrior Populist, 11/5/13

Four Intriguing Ideas for How to Fix the Banks
Bloomberg, 10/31/13

House Is Seen as Wall Street’s Ally
Eric Lipton and Ben Protess, NY Times, 10/29/13

How High-Frequency Trading Is Taking Over Markets, 10/18/13

Financial Sector Has Become an Engine of Inequality
US, 10/11/13

CFPB Complaint Database Makes Banks Work Better
US, 9/24/13

Poll Shows Americans Want More Wall Street Regulation, 9/16/13

Much to Do to Prevent Another Lehman Brothers
Boston Globe, 9/16/13

Forced Arbitration is a Corporate Get-out-of-jail-free Card, 9/6/13

A Really Small Wall Street Tax Could Make a Really Big Difference
US, 8/21/13

Choke Off Predatory Lending at the Bank Bottleneck
US, 8/13/2013

Fed Chair Needs to Be a Wall Street Watchdog
US, 8/7/2013

The Case for a 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act
US, 7/31/2013

Senate Saves Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
MoveOn.Org, 8/13

Two Banks’ Payday-Advance Lending Draws Scrutiny
Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel, 8/15/13

Slave to the Payday Lender
Jackson (Miss.) Free Press, 8/15/13

AFR Policy Director Marcus Stanley Discusses the Benefits of Regulation for Consumers
CNBC, 8/10/12

Can Larry Summers Play Nice with Other Financial Regulators?
Mike Konczal, Washington Post Wonkbog, 8/4/13

Americans Want Stronger Wall Street Reforms
Wall Street Journal (Morning Call), 7/31/13

Give us Tougher Financial Reform, Americans Say
LifeHealth Pro, 7/30/13

Congress to Fed: End Too-Big-to-Fail Already!
Erika Eichelberger, Mother Jones, 7/25/13

Wall Street Commodity Trading in Jeopardy Amid Fed Review
Bob Ivry, Bloomberg News, 7/23/11

Book review: ‘Financial Justice’ details passage of Consumer Protection Act
Devon Merling, Salt Lake City Sun, 7/22/13

Survey: 63% Say Big Banks Only Out for Themselves
Victor Epstein, Des Moines Register, 7/22/13

Does Dodd-Frank Work? We Asked 16 Experts
Washington Post Wonkblog, 7/20/13

Regulators Stuck in Dodd-Frank Quagmire Three Years Later
Donna Borak, American Banker, 7/19/13

Cordray, Watchdogs Earn Praise, Criticism
Columbus Dispatch, 7/18/13

Democrats’ Unease with Derivatives Reforms on Display
PoliticoPro (paywalled), 7/8/13

Dodd-Frank Executive Pay Rule Still in Limbo Amid Pushback from Corporate America
Washington Post 7/7/13

Wall Street Dodges Financial Reform Again
Mother Jones 7/5/13

Taking Consumer Complaints Seriously
US, 7/5/13

SEC Frustrated Over Pace of U.S. Financial Crisis Reforms
Sarah N. Lynch, Reuters, 7/2/13

Deadline on Trading Rules Abroad Splits an Agency
New York Times 7/2/13

How the CFPB Came to Be
US PIRG, 6/27/13

A Wall Street Regulator’s Race Against Time
Washington Post 6/22/13

Book Review: ‘Financial Justice’ Details Passage of Consumer Protection Act
Deseret News 6/22/13

Risky Derivatives Trading Comes Roaring Back
Washington Post 6/21/13

Chasing Dodd-Frank Across the Pond
Dana Chasin interviews Alexis Goldstein 6/19/13

CEOs Want to Hide Riches Through Repeal of Wage Gap Disclosure Requirement
Huffington Post 6/19/13

Want to Know How your Rep. Voted on Wall Street Regs? Check the Campaign Cash. 
Mother Jones 6/17/13

Wall Street Support puts Gwen Moore on Hot Seat
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 6/16/13

House Bill Would Align SEC and CFTC’s Cross-Border Swap Rules
Compliance Week 6/13/13

House Passes Bill That Could Lead to Another Financial Crash–But Reformers Claim Victory
Mother Jones 6/13/13

Taking Consumer Complaints Seriously
US News, 6/5/13

Foreign Banks Seek Level Field on Derivatives
Politico Pro 6/5/13

Dodd-Frank Act: After 3 Years, a Long To-Do List
USA Today 6/4/13

Wall Street Lobbyists Rout Groups Pressing For New Tight Regulations
The Hill 6/3/13

The Day John Dingell Predicted ‘Too Big to Fail’
The News-Herald 6/3/13

Opinion: U.S. Rep Mel Watt is Right Choice to Head Federal Housing Finance Agency of Trenton 5/31/13

Groups Appeal to Federal Judge for Fair Lending Data on Homeowner Relief
Legal Newsline Legal Journal 5/30/13

See How Citigroup Wrote a Bill So It Could Get a Bailout
Mother Jones 5/24/13

Meet The People Who Are Subverting Wall Street Reform
ThinkProgress, 5/24/13

Banks’ Lobbyists Help in Drafting Financial Bills
New York Times 5/23/13

Wall Street Seeks Dodd-Frank Changes Through Trade Talks
Bloomberg 5/23/13

Court Ruling Puts Cloud Over U.S. Consumer Agency as Work Slows
Bloomberg 5/22/13

Three Reasons Why Harry Reid Should ‘Go Nuclear’
Huffington Post 5/21/13

A Real Scandal Is the Senate’s Consumer Bureau Obstruction, 5/21/13

Sneaky House Bill Would Gut Financial Reform
Mother Jones 5/21/13

How Wall Street Defanged Dodd-Frank
The Nation 5/20/13

AFR’s Jim Lardner on Radio with a View
WMBR 88.1 FM 5/19/13

Wall Street’s Regulatory Rapture
The American Prospect 5/16/13

Snuff the SEC
Forbes 5/16/13

Big Banks Get Break in Rules to Limit Risks
New York Times 5/15/13

Student Loan Horror Stories, Revealed
US, 5/14/13

Swap Regulators Face Congressional Push to Curb Dodd-Frank
Bloomberg 5/7/13

Legislative package seeks to weaken derivatives provisions of Dodd-Frank law
Washington Post 5/7/13

Dodd-Frank is finally being implemented. Will that be enough? 
Washington Post 5/6/13

Derivatives Vote Could Ignite Debate on Dodd-Frank Fixes
American Banker 5/3/13

Housing Activists Convince Obama to Dump DeMarco
Huffington Post 5/2/13

Consumer groups Push GOP Sen. Portman on Cordray Confirmation
WKSU Radio 5/2/13

SEC’s White Said to Push for Lifting Ban on Hedge-Fund Ads
Bloomberg 4/26/13

Senator McConnell Says We Shouldn’t Have a CFPB at All
USPIRG, 4/18/13

Foreign Banks Gear up to Pressure the Fed
Politico Pro 4/15/13

Fees on Structured Notes Tied to Stocks Climb to Three-Year High
Bloomberg 4/4/13

Swaps Among Bank Affiliates Exempt Under CFTC Clearing Rule
Bloomberg 4/2/13

Regulators Closer to Supervising Nonbank Financial Companies
Washington Post 4/3/13

Democrats Are Undermining Wall Street Reform, Too
Mother Jones 4/3/13

He Who Makes the Rules
Washington Monthly, March/April 2013

Community Advocates Seek Data on True Impact of Mortgage Settlement
eCreditDaily 3/29/13

U.S. Overdraft Fees Jump To $32 Billion As New Rules Prove Ineffective
Huffington Post, 3/29/13

Consumer’s Choice: GOP Senators Must End The Roadblock To Cordray
Editorial, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/26/13

Bureau Keeps an Eye on Wall Street
Mary A. Huttlinger, Op Ed, Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/23/13

Is it Already Time to Weaken Dodd-Frank?
Washington Post 3/23/13

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Branches Out
Politico Pro 3/22/13

Your Transidebit Card
Chicago Tribune 3/22/13

We’re Getting the Feeling That Wall Street Isn’t Sorry
USNews 3/22/13

AFR Criticizes Six House Swap Bills
Paramus Post 3/22/13

Industry Panel Whines About Derivatives Regulations
Money News 3/22/13

Editorial: Confirm Cordray
Toledo Blade 3/21/13

Feds Crack Down On ‘Discriminatory’ Auto Loans
Herb Weisbaum, NBC Today, 3/21/13

House Ag Committee Dems Vote to Deregulate Derivatives
Americablog 3/21/13

Jim Himes Walks Fine Line on Changing Dodd-Frank
Politico Pro 3/20/13

Wall Street Wins Under Swap-Rule Changes Moving in House
Bloomberg 3/20/13

New Consumer Watchdog Under Attack
Kevin DeMarrais, Bergen County Record, 3/20/13

IsJPMorgan a Farmer?
Salon 3/20/13

Wall Street Deregulation Advances As Top Democrat Warns That Vote Could ‘Haunt’ Congress
Huffington Post 3/20/13

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