Fact Sheets and Reports: The ABCs of Private Equity

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The ABCs of Private Equity: A Coloring Book

The private equity industry, the Wall Street investment powerhouse, can come in many colors. It bleeds out the red cross of medicine, wilts the green of the grocery store veggie aisle, and spews a sickly black from the smokestacks of its fossil fuel investments. It’s in the clear water flowing from the taps, in the brown earth broken for housing construction, in the blue sky and beyond. Private equity controls a vast rainbow of assets but really only values one color: green.

Tracing its influence may not be as easy as reciting the alphabet, but a new digital coloring book released by AFR has made it a little easier. “The ABCs of PE” takes the reader on an alphabetical journey through the myriad ways that private equity has bought into or bought out parts of everyday life. From A for Ambulance to Z for Zamboni. Color your way through private equity with your own copy here.