Letters to Regulators: Comments to the SEC on Climate Disclosure Proposal

AFREF submitted and joined coalition comment letters in response to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s proposed rule on climate disclosure. The coalition letters focused on Environmental Justice, Community Impacts, and Indigenous rights.

AFREF and partners urged the SEC to strengthen and quickly finalize the rule to require large publicly-traded companies to provide climate-related financial risk disclosures in their annual filings.

AFREF Submissions
Coalition 190-page Technical Comment
Coalition 2-page Comment (94 signatories)
Coalition 8-page Comment (76 signatories)

Other Comments Joined
Environmental Justice Community Impacts Comment
Indigenous Rights Comment

AFREF also submitted the following materials:
Retail Investor Survey Report Comment
Public Support Petition Comment (64,357 signatories) with detailed petition spreadsheet

The SEC has clear and specific authority and responsibility to require standardized, comparable climate-related disclosures in furtherance of its mandate to protect investors; ensure fair, orderly, and efficient markets; and facilitate capital formation. Climate-related disclosures are used and needed not just by purchasers of securities, but also creditors, suppliers, customers, and other market participants that need the information to maintain smooth functioning of the capital markets, and the current system of voluntary disclosure is not meeting the needs of investors. Therefore, the SEC and other financial regulators must mandate both public and private companies and banks to disclose climate-related financial risks.