Letters to Congress: Letter in Support of Julia Gordon’s Nomination for FHA Commissioner

August 4, 2021  

Dear Senator:  

The 80 undersigned consumer, civil rights, community, housing, and other public interest groups  write to express our enthusiastic support for the nomination of Julia Gordon as Assistant  Secretary for Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner for the U.S. Department of Housing  and Urban Development (HUD). 

Julia Gordon is particularly well-suited to serve as the next FHA commissioner. She brings a  crucial blend of policy insights, coalition-building expertise, and experience engaging with a  broad range of stakeholders that will make her an effective leader. Ms. Gordon is a leading  policy voice on many important housing issues under FHA’s purview, including mortgage  policy, affordable housing, blight prevention, non-performing loan sales, and single-family  rentals.  

Ms. Gordon is known in the mortgage, affordable housing, and community development sectors  for her commitment and dedication to supporting sustainable homeownership, strengthening  neighborhood housing markets and promoting neighborhood stability. She has the experience,  insight, and perspective needed to effectively oversee FHA’s broad housing portfolio. For many  families of color and first-time homebuyers, obtaining a FHA mortgage is their door to  homeownership. Ms. Gordon’s commitment to racial and economic justice will make sure that  more people of color and first time homebuyers are able to access homeownership. Her wealth of  housing expertise and government experience will enable her to successfully lead FHA in a way  that will benefit all FHA homeowners and the housing market as a whole.  

Under Ms. Gordon’s leadership, more families will be able to access affordable homeownership  and sustainable loss mitigation options that will allow struggling borrowers to maintain long  term homeownership, which will stabilize neighborhoods and make a positive difference in the  lives of families across the country. We believe that Ms. Gordon’s extensive knowledge of the  housing market, government experience, and ability to work with stakeholders from a variety of  interests makes her particularly well-suited to lead FHA. We strongly urge you to support her  prompt confirmation. 

View or download a PDF of the letter here.