Americans Rally Across the Country to Hold Big Banks Accountable


Opponents of Reform Try to Stop Wall Street from Being Held Accountable, As Americans Take to the Streets Demanding an End to the Era of Big Bank Recklessness

**Full List of Events Available Here**

Washington, DCAs opponents of reform continue their plans to block Wall Street reform, Americans across the country will flood the street, stage rallies and demand accountability from big banks.

Heather Booth, Director, Americans for Financial Reform: “We will stand up to all those looking to stop Wall Street reform – whether its from the halls of Congress or the deep pockets of banks – by showing them the power of Americans outraged by the recklessness of these big banks. From coast to coast and in cities in between, we will call Wall Street banks to account for costing 8 million Americans their jobs and trillions in our savings and pensions. For those standing on the side of banks willing to spend $1.4 million a day, we will call you to task. We will not tolerate anyone who refuses to have an open debate on reform that can end the casino economy and stop taxpayer bailouts.”

Showdown: Wall Street v. Main Street

As Senate Takes Up Legislation to Clean Up Wall Street Massive Campaign Underway to Ensure Banks are Held Accountable

Week of April 26

Ringing off the hook: Over the next two weeks, literally millions of Americans will get the message, via phone and email, to call their senators and hold them accountable for holding Wall Street accountable.

Phone Banks: Massachusetts, Maine and South Dakota running phone banks. Contact: MA: Lizzi Weyant eweyant@masspirg.orgME: Jesse SD: Steve Jarding

Monday April 26

Michigan Coalition for Wall Street Reform launches

Backed by Progress Michigan, Michigan Citizen Action, Common Cause, SEIU

Phone bank: Little Rock, Arkansas phone back. Contact: Neil

Tuesday April 27

March and Rally at Wells Fargo Shareholder Meeting
San Francisco, CA – contact:
More than 1,000 clergy, workers, community allies to stage procession through downtown San Francisco to Wells Fargo shareholder meeting.

Showdown in the Heartland
Kansas City, MO – contact:
Hundreds of retirees, family farmers, and workers from across the heartland to march on Kansas City’s financial district and demand Bank of America divest from payday lending.

Working America action in Denver

Wells Fargo at 2 pm

Press conference call: Ohio partners host press call with ProgressOhio and State Rep Mike Foley. Contact: Brian

Wednesday, April 28

AARP leaders come to Washington

Leading advocates and voices for senior citizens from 12 key states are coming to Washington to meet with Senators

AFR leaders come to Washington

Leading advocates for financial reform and victims of tricks, traps and abuse by lenders will take to the Hill to lobby in favor of real reform

March and Rally at Bank of America Shareholder Meeting
Charlotte, NC – contact:

Hundreds of veterans, clergy, working families to march on Bank of America shareholder meeting.

Illinois Rally for Jobs and Financial Reform

Hundreds of workers, advocates, business owners, join forces to March on key symbolic locations like the Chicago Headquarters of Goldman Sachs.

Thursday, April 29

Showdown on Wall Street
New York, NY contact:
Thousands to stage massive march on Wall Street to hold big banks accountable for destroying the economy and demand Wall Street do its part to help our families and communities recover.

Denver Action
Colorado AFR coalition organizing Wall Street echo action at Wells Fargo at 1 pm.  Contact: Carolyn
May 15-17

Showdown on K Street

Washington, DC contact:
Over 3 days, thousands of Americans will come to Washington DC to take their democracy back from the big banks and demand an end to corporate lobbyists’ stranglehold on our economy and politics.