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News Release: Court Sides with Students Over DeVos’s Pro-Corporate Agenda
October 16, 2018 – 2:54 pm

Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund applauds the news that a court has rejected the for-profit college industry’s attempt to stop the 2016 Borrower Defense rule. Today, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia sided with students over Betsy Devos’s attempts to let abusive for profit schools rip them off with impunity.

Letter to the Regulators: AFR Submits Comment on Borrower Defense NPRM
August 24, 2018 – 6:21 pm

“The Proposed Rule is a brazen attempt to dismantle more than 20 years of borrowers’ rights to a defense to repayment on their loans when schools break the law. This dismantling will do nothing more than unleash a new wave of waste, fraud and abuse. This country teaches people that education is a path to a better life. For far too many years, allowing Title IV funds to flow to institutions engaging in fraud has turned this dream into a nightmare for their students. If the Department continues down this path of dismantling the right to a borrower defense, its legacy will be condemning students to lives full of poverty, while allowing executives of predatory proprietary institutions to become wealthy at their expense.”

AFR Statement: Department of Education’s Proposed New Borrower Defense Rule Sacrifices Students to For-Profit Industry Greed
July 25, 2018 – 12:36 pm

“The proposed Borrower Defense rule sacrifices students’ rights in order to line the pockets of executives at for-profit colleges, an industry that has shown time and again that it will use taxpayer dollars to deceive and defraud its own students.” said Alexis Goldstein, AFR’s Senior Policy Analyst. “With this rule and its extreme and absurd barriers to relief, Devos effectively tells students that if a school scams them, they’re on their own.”

AFR Statement: DeVos’s Education Departments is Predatory Companies First, Students Last
December 20, 2017 – 3:22 pm

“The news of the Department’s scheme to grant only partial relief to scammed students is just one more piece of an abundance of evidence that the Trump Administration and the DeVos Department of ED care more for the proprietary institutions that break the law than they do for the students they defraud,” said Alexis Goldstein, Senior Policy Analyst at Americans for a Financial Reform. “For Secretary DeVos, it’s predatory companies first, students last.”

AFR Statement: House Bill to Reauthorize the Higher Education Act opens the floodgates to waste, fraud, and abuse
December 1, 2017 – 2:13 pm
AFR Statement: House Bill to Reauthorize the Higher Education Act opens the floodgates to waste, fraud, and abuse

Today, Rep. Virginia Foxx, Chairwoman of the House Education and the Workforce Committee, introduced a bill to reauthorize the Higher Education Act (HEA) that includes language that opens the floodgates to waste, fraud, and abuse by for-profit colleges.

Public Testimony: Alexis Goldstein calls on ED Department to Reinstate MOUs with the CFPB
October 4, 2017 – 11:26 am
Public Testimony: Alexis Goldstein calls on ED Department to Reinstate MOUs with the CFPB

Today at a public hearing at the Department of Education, AFR’s senior policy analyst gave testimony about the need to reinstate the Memorandum of Understanding with the CFPB, ended by Secretary DeVos to widespread criticism.

AFR Statement: DeVos Decision to Delay Borrower Defense is a Slap in the Face to Students
June 14, 2017 – 12:33 pm

Americans for Financial Reform strongly condemns the decision by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to abandon the victims of predatory colleges by delaying the Borrower Defense rule. This is a slap in the face to defrauded Americans, and a stunning admission by the Department of Education that they intend to place wealthy for-profit college executives ahead of students striving for a better life.

AFR Statement: AFR applauds automatic debt discharges at ACI, calls for further action
January 13, 2017 – 1:49 pm

Americans for Financial Reform (AFR) applauds the news that the Department of Education will grant automatic discharges to all former students of American Career Institute (ACI) in Massachusetts. Before being confirmed, any nominee for Secretary of the Department of Education must clearly articulate plans to rapidly pursue additional automatic group discharges, to ensure that all Americans are protected from future exploitation of taxpayer-backed loans by predatory schools.