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Letter of Support for Merkley-Levin Amendment

On Wednesday, April 21, 2010, Americans for Financial Reform sent a letter to Senators Reid and Dodd expressing their strong support for the Merkley-Levin Amendment (modeled after the Merkley-Levin PROP Trading Act), which will strengthen provisions related to proprietary trading and conflicts of interest in

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Huffington Post: The Real Price of Proprietary Trading

James Crotty, Gerald Epstein, and Iren Levina have co-authored an article regarding financial reform, the “Volcker Rule,” and the real cost of propriety trading.  Here is the introduction to the article: President Obama’s endorsement of the “Volcker Rule” — a set of proposals designed to

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Providence Journal Editorial Endorses Volcker Rule

Rhode Island’s Providence Journal just released this Editorial supporting “the Volker Rule.”  It says: Wall Street should not again earn fortunes through reckless investing while loading the risks onto taxpayers. It’s time for new rules for this game, and no financial figure is better suited

Paul Volcker: How to Reform our Financial System

Paul Volcker, Chairman of the president’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board and former Federal Reserve Chairman, published this op-ed in the New York Times.  Here are excerpts: The phrase “too big to fail” has entered into our everyday vocabulary. It carries the implication that really large,