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Joint Letter: 28 organizations sent a letter to Congress urging opposition to HR 6743, The Consumer Information Notification Requirement Act

AFR joined 27 organizations in signing onto this letter drafted by US PIRG urging the House Financial Services Committee to oppose HR 6743, a bill that replaces an existing narrow preemption provision with a sweeping provision that could not only eliminate all state data breach notice, data security and other privacy laws as they apply to financial institutions as broadly defined, but also forestall further state innovation to protect their citizens from future privacy and data security threats. One year after the Equifax breach, we are especially concerned that the committee is considering weakening data security and data breach laws, instead of strengthening them or passing legislation to make companies like Equifax more accountable to their victims.

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AFR Statement: Secretary Devos Once Again Puts Servicers Before Students

The ability for states to enact laws governing how servicers may interact with borrowers, and the ability of state Attorneys General to file lawsuits against servicers for consumer abuses, are crucial accountability mechanisms that must continue. That the Department would attempt in any way to prevent these state level efforts to defend borrowers simply shows that under Betsy DeVos, it is servicers before students.