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CRL Summary of CFPB Provisions

The Center for Responsible Lending has produced a comprehensive bill summary of Title X of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which focuses on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Click here for a pdf version of the document.

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President Obama Refocuses on Foreclosure Prevention

A recent editorial in the New York Times talked about new steps that President Obama has authorized to deal with the needs of homeowners dealing with foreclosures, especially unemployed homeowners and those with underwater mortgages.  However, there are still problems with the government’s plans, as

Suze Orman: The Banks Don’t Want to Deal

Financial advisor Suze Orman spoke with CNN reporter Campbell Brown yesterday about stimulus money, mortgage relief, and the problems caused by the big banks. When asked about mortgages and the troubles faced by homeowners, Orman said “I have to tell you, while it’s easy for