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AFR in the News: Are we repeating history by letting our financial sector get too big? (Washington Post)

“Financialization has been the elephant in the room of economic policy debate — a huge contributing factor to the skyrocketing incomes of a few and the nonliving wages of many, and a force that helps explain our neglected infrastructure, underfunded schools, outlandishly expensive colleges and the phenomenon of graduates impoverished by the high-interest loans that banks thrive on these days.”

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Financial Reform – Key Piece of the Inequality Puzzle

“The President’s State of the Union address tonight will continue a conversation about the problem of growing inequality. If we are going to reverse the trend and set this country on a path toward broadly shared opportunity and prosperity, steps to rein in Wall Street excess and reshape the rules of the game for the financial system will need to have a prominent place on the To Do list.”