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It is Time for Wall Street to Pay its Fair Share

As most Americans struggle to pay their share, we can’t help but notice that Wall Street is not. Many of the economic problems we face today, from deficits to unemployment, were in large part created by reckless and excessive speculation on Wall Street. It is therefore

Tell Your Members of Congress – A Wall Street Speculation Tax Makes Sense

Support for a Wall Street Speculation Tax has been spreading across the nation with more grassroots groups calling for a tax on reckless Wall Street speculation than ever before. To move forward on winning this policy change, we need members of Congress to step up and support Wall Street speculation taxes. Write your Senators and Representatives and ask them to support a Wall Street Speculation tax.

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AFR in the News: The Tax Plan That Occupy Wall Street Loves

The Tax Plan That Occupy Wall Street Loves – Yuval Rosenberg (The Fiscal Times)

“In a letter to Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), the co-chairs of the congressional ‘super committee’ tasked with finding $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction measures by November 23, a group called Americans for Financial Reform, which is a coalition of more than 250 economic, union, and activist groups, explained why it’s backing the tax: ‘The deficit problem that the Select Committee must address was to a significant degree created by the world financial crisis, a crisis caused by Wall Street speculation.'”

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AFR in the News: Lawmakers to Propose Transaction Tax for Financial Firms Modeled on Europe

Lawmakers to Propose Transaction Tax for Financial Firms Modeled on Europe – Phil Mattingly (Bloomberg)

“The AFL-CIO and National Nurses United, a professional association and union for nurses, have scheduled a rally in front of the Treasury Department on Nov. 3 in support of the fee. Americans for Financial Reform…is circulating petitions in support of the measure.”

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AFR in the News: Protesters Rally Around Trading Tax

Eliza Newlin Carney (Roll Call)

“After weeks of waving signs and chanting with no clear policy objective, Occupy Wall Street protesters finally have an issue to rally around: a tax on Wall Street. Known in Occupy movement parlance as the ‘Robin Hood tax,’ taxes on trades of stocks, bonds and derivatives are getting a fresh look on Capitol Hill and may draw thousands of protesters to Washington, D.C., next week. Helping lead the charge are an unlikely breed of tax activist: registered nurses. … ‘There [are] people in the streets angry about economic inequality, and angry about what Wall Street has gotten away with,’ said Lisa Donner, executive director of Americans for Financial Reform, which supports both bills.

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AFR in the News: Transaction Tax On Financial Speculation Gets Boost From Occupy Wall Street

Ryan Grim (Huffington Post)

“Boosted by the Occupy Wall Street movement, two Democrats in the House and Senate are renewing a push for a transaction tax on speculative trades. … Americans for Financial Reform, a coalition of progressive and labor organizations focused on reforming Wall Street, threw its weight behind the tax in a letter to the super committee:”