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Wall Street Reform Bill Still Garnering Mass Applause

For Immediate Release July 19, 2010 Wall Street Reform Bill Still Garnering Mass Applause While Opponents Continue to be Disparaged for Their Motives Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial: Wall Street reform: Congress makes the proper response to crisis, July 19: “The nation’s gravest financial crisis since the Depression

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Round Two: Banks Need to Rebuild What They Broke

With the final Senate passage of the Wall Street Reform Bill, Round One is over; AFR, our coalition, consumers, and now our elected officials have done their part. Now it’s the big banks’ turn. George Goehl, executive director of National People’s Action, recently wrote this

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NY Times: Reform-supporters have to get back to work

The New York Times recently published this editorial, which talks about the recent victory over Wall Street and tells readers what needs to be done next. Here is an excerpt from this piece: Republican opponents would have you believe that lack of bipartisanship was evidence