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Letters to Regulators: Federal Reserve Commodity Proposal

“AFR strongly supports measures to both limit and control risks of physical commodity involvement at financial holding companies. …Specifically, we support the new consolidated limits on the total size of commodity holdings, the capital increase to 300 percent risk weights applied to commodities held under 4(k), and more…”

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AFR Statement: Growing Congressional Support for a Wall Street Transaction Tax

“The push for a Wall Street transaction tax continues to gain traction in Washington. In a fresh show of support , a majority of the Democratic members of the House of Representatives voted today for the Congressional Progressive Caucus’s “People’s Budget,” which includes a transaction tax. The 96 votes cast in favor of the CPC budget are 8 more votes than a similar proposal received last year.”

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AFR in the News: Regulators Propose Rule to Reduce Risk of Derivatives (NY Times)

“’This is a really important rule,’” said Marcus Stanley, policy director at Americans for Financial Reform. ‘Margin is the first line of defense in the derivatives market.’ The regulators made the changes to bring American margin rules in line with new international ones approved in 2013, and in response to public comments.

“’While it has taken us some time to get to this point, today’s action does represent significant progress,’ Thomas J. Curry, the comptroller of the currency, said in a statement.”

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AFR in the News: How Half of Wall Street Hopes to Evade Dodd-Frank

Half of the big Wall Street banks are using their foreign ownership to escape key provisions of Dodd-Frank. It wasn’t supposed to be that way. “Whether the foreign banking rule gets done is a big test,” Marcus Stanley, policy director at Americans for Financial Reform, told the New York Times, adding: “Considering the number of problems with American banks that have occurred in London subsidiaries, I would appreciate seeing the Europeans raise the bar for foreign operations of American banks. That would be a win for the American taxpayer.’”