Fill Senator Dodd’s Dance Card!

The Wall Street bankers who drove our economy off a cliff are lobbying as hard as ever against financial reform. The fight now moves to the Senate where Senate Banking Chairman Chris Dodd is in charge. Bank lobbyists think that Dodd will “dance with the

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Wall Street Journal: When Greed is Not Good

Wall Street has quickly rediscovered the virtues of mammoth paychecks. Why hasn’t there been more financial reform? By ALAN S. BLINDER I hear Gordon Gekko is making a comeback. So is greed. They say markets are alternately ruled by greed and fear. Well, our panic-stricken

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Hartford Courant: Proposal Offers Vital Consumer Protection

The Hartford Courant published this op-ed in support of the CFPA.  Here is an excerpt: Just over 100 years ago, Upton Sinclair‘s expose “The Jungle” shocked the American public with lurid details of Chicago’s unsanitary meat industry. Shortly thereafter the nation’s first food safety laws