Enter the Dangers of Debt Image Contest

Our good friends at Consumers Union have started yet another cool contest.  This time, they’re asking you to submit any image which somehow speaks to the dangers of debt.  The winner gets a one year subscription to Consumer Reports Online AND $1,000!  Three runners up

Why the CFPA Will Benefit You

Read our fact sheets about how the CFPA will benefit African Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Children and Families, Latinos (available in English and Spanish), Rural Americans, Seniors, Women, and Young Americans. African Americans (PDF) Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (PDF) Children and Families

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Huffington Post: Retirements and the Establishment

A recent article by Mike Lux of  the Huffington Post mentioned AFR in connection with Senator Dodd’s retirement announcement and the upcoming Senate debate on financial reform.  You can read the full article here; the excerpt referring to AFR is copied below. The movement against

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Marketplace: How Dodd’s Retirement Affects Reform

This story about Senator Dodd’s retirement announcement was on Marketplace on January 6th.  A quote from AFR featured on this segment is highlighted below. Heather BOOTH: We appreciate the leadership he’s provided and have never thought this was the time for politics. But the time

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Politico: ‘Big is bad’ catches on in Congress

A recent Politico article about “the populist angst aimed at Wall Street banks” talked about the growing strength of the movement to label big banks and institutions as bad for the country as a whole.  AFR’s Heather Booth was quoted in the article.  You can

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LA Times: Banks Take Revenge For New Consumer Rules

The LA Times ran this precient article about banks’ vengeful behavior against consumers in advance of credit card rules going into effect in February.  Here is an excerpt: Happy new year. Now pay up. That’s the message from our friends in the banking industry, who