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AFR Calls for Restrictions on Wall Street Executive Pay and Bonuses

AFR submitted a comment letter to federal regulators urging that they impose strong restrictions on Wall Street executive pay and bonuses to ensure that they do not create incentives to take inappropriate short-term risks. This should be made a critical priority, given the role of pay in creating the incentives that led to the 2008 financial crisis.

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AFR Comment Letter to CFPB on Request for Input on Mobile Financial Services

AFR offered comments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in response to their Request for Input on how consumers are using mobile financial services to access products and services, and manage finances. While mobile technology can enhance access to safer and more affordable technology for consumers, benefits will only be seen if technological systems are safe, fair, and honest. Regulators can help consumers—as well as those in industry—by establishing strong minimum standards.

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AFR Joins Our Members in Urging OCC to Update Preemption Rules

AFR joins our members in urging OCC to update preemption rules

AFR joined consumer organizations in urging the OCC to update its preemption rules to comply with Dodd Frank reduction of sweeping federal preemption of state consumer protection actions.

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AFR Calls for Strong Action Against For-Profit Colleges that Exploit Students and Federal Aid

“We strongly support the Department of Education’s efforts to keep federal funds from being used to support career education companies that routinely fail to deliver on their promises, leaving students with unmanageable debt. We urge you to stand by the thrust of the regulations the Department proposed in March, and to bolster those regulations in several key ways.”