News Release: AFR Applauds Nomination of Chopra to Lead CFPB


Jan. 18, 2021


Carter Dougherty
(202) 251-6700

AFR Applauds Nomination of Chopra to Lead CFPB

Statement from Lisa Donner, executive director, Americans for Financial Reform:

We applaud the nomination of Rohit Chopra to lead the CFPB. His commitment to consumer protection, his effectiveness at using the tools of government to serve the public interest, and his willingness to challenge powerful corporate interests when necessary are exactly what the Bureau needs to fulfill its crucial consumer protection mission.

The CFPB has an incredibly important job to do, including stopping financial rip-offs, fighting discrimination, ending predatory lending, halting debt collection abuses, insisting on corporate accountability and much more. Right now, it also has an urgent role to play in helping families survive and recover from the pandemic-induced economic crisis, especially in Black and Latinx where people have been hardest hit, in concert with the incoming Administration’s broad rebuilding agenda.

A CFPB recommitted to its mission can make a huge difference in the lives of families across the country. We look forward to collaborating with Mr. Chopra and the CFPB staff to focus on the essential work of ending practices that trap people in debt, amplify racial inequality, and exploit people’s financial vulnerability.