INTERVIEW SERIES: What to expect from the private equity industry in the COVID-19 Crisis

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds we are seeing major shifts in all areas of the economy. In a series of interviews we ask experts what they are seeing from the private equity industry and what they expect moving forward.

Eileen Appelbaum is Co-director of the Center for Economic Policy Research and a distinguished researcher and author. Appelbaum is a longtime observer of the private equity industry and its impacts on the economy and co-author of the acclaimed 2014 book, Private Equity at Work, When Wall Street Manages Main Street.

Eileen Appelbaum Interview

Aliya Sabharwal is Lead Online-to-Field Organizer at United for Respect where she drives comprehensive campaigns to build a national movement of retail workers organizing on the impacts of the financialization of the retail industry. She’s helped scale the Wall Street Accountability program into a multi-employer, national program at UFR, following the first successful campaign at Toys ‘R’ Us that won a $20 million employee fund from private equity owners.

Aliya Sabharwal Interview

Andrew Park is a Senior Policy Analyst at Americans for Financial Reform focused on issues related to private equity as well as the rest of Wall Street that intersect with workers. Previously he was a financial journalist for several publications covering private equity, corporate debt, mortgage bonds, and hedge funds.

Andrew Park Interview