AFR Briefing: Bond Market Liquidity, Regulation, and the Public Interest


August 3rd telephone briefing with Marcus Stanley, Wally Turbeville, Jonathan Tiemann and John Parsons.

Recent months have seen increasing claims by some industry participants and their allies that new regulations are negatively impacting bond market liquidity in ways that may harm the economy. What is the truth of these claims? Is there in fact a serious problem with bond market liquidity? Are recent market events such as the October 15th Treasury market disruption related to new regulation, or to other market changes such as increases in electronic trading? How should regulators respond?

Complete audio recording available here.


  • JOHN PARSONS: A financial economist specializing in risk management, corporate finance,and valuation. Dr. Parsons teaches Advanced Corporate Risk Management at MIT’s Sloan School of Business and is the head of the MBA Finance Track there. Presentation materials.
  • MARCUS STANLEY: Policy Director of Americans for Financial Reform. Dr. Stanley is a former economics professor at Case Western Reserve University and Senior Economist at the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress.  Presentation materials.
  • JONATHAN TIEMANN: Founder and President of Tiemann Investment Advisors, LLC. Dr. Tiemann is a former President at RogersCasey Asset Management, Chief Investment Strategist of Barclay’s Global Investors and Chief Investment Officer for MyVest Corporation. He taught Finance at Harvard Business School, and served on the Economic Advisory Board of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) from 2005 to 2010. Presentation materials.
  • WALLY TURBEVILLE: Senior fellow at Demos, previously a Vice President at Goldman Sachs, Managing Partner of the financial advisory firm The Kensington Group, and CEO of VMAC LLC, a derivatives risk management group. Presentation materials.