“Opening Wall Street’s Black Box” – Pathways to Improved Financial Transparency


Presented by Americans for Financial Reform and Georgetown University Law Center


Powerpoint presentations by: Pete Kyle (32:43), Adam Levitin (49:49), Zach Gast (3:17:46), David Frenk (2:59:31), Antoine Martin (3:35:34), Cathy O’Neil (5:08:57), Gene Phillips (4:30:18.) Paper by Henry Hu (9:27)


+10:00-10:10: Introductory Remarks By Event Sponsors

10:10-11:30: First panel – Rethinking the Disclosure Paradigm

Henry Hu (remarks begin at 9:27 on video), Pete Kyle (remarks begin at 32:43 on video), Adam Levitin (remarks begin at 49:49 on video). Moderated by Marcus Stanley.

11:40-12:10: Keynote Address by Gary Gensler (remarks begin at 1:41:30 on video)

12:15–1:45: Second panel – Progress Since 2008: Financial Transparency Post-Crisis

Participants: Jesse Eisinger (remarks begin at 2:45:46), Zach Gast (remarks begin at 3:17:46), David Frenk (remarks begin at 2:59:31), Antoine Martin (remarks begin at 3:35:34). Moderated by Lisa Donner.

1:45-3:15 – Third panel – Transparency and Accountability

Participants: Brad Miller (remarks begin at 4:54:13), Greg Smith (remarks begin at 4:14:11), Cathy O’Neil (remarks begin at 5:08:57), Gene Phillips (remarks begin at 4:30:18.) Moderated by Chris Brummer.

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