AFR Conference: CFPB Symposium

Americans for Financial Reform

Presents a Symposium

 Independent Consumer Regulator

Or Unaccountable Agency?

Prominent Academic Experts Discuss the Powers,

Checks and Balances and Structure of the

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) 

Tuesday, October 18, 2 pm – 3:30 pm

Senate Banking Committee Hearing Room, Dirksen 538

Featuring an academic discussion of a working paper “The Financial Services Industry’s Misguided Quest to Undermine the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,” by Arthur E. Wilmarth, Jr. The paper is forthcoming in the Spring 2012 issue of the Review of Banking and Financial Law at Boston University Law School.

Presenter: Art Wilmarth — Professor of Law, The George Washington University Law School. Most recently, Professor Wilmarth has been a consultant to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and is co-editor of The Panic of 2008: Causes, Consequences and Implications for Reform (with Larry Mitchell, 2010). His most recent article is “The Dodd-Frank Act’s Expansion of State Authority to Protect Consumers of Financial Services,” published in Volume 36, Issue 4, of the Journal of Corporation Law.


Richard Pierce – The Lyle T. Alverson Professor of Law at George Washington University. Professor Pierce has written over 20 books and over 120 articles on administrative law and government regulation.

Heidi Mandanis Schooner – Professor of Law, Columbus School of Law of the Catholic University of America. Most recently, Professor Schooner is co-author of a new textbook on international bank regulation: Global Bank Regulation: Principles and Policies (with Michael W. Taylor, 2010).

Co-sponsored by the Consumer Federation of America and U.S. PIRG

AFR appreciates the assistance

of the Senate Banking Committee in coordinating this event.