Around the Web, Support for Elizabeth Warren

The media is buzzing with reports of support for Elizabeth Warren to serve as the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Read some of the highlights here:

The Boston Globe named Elizabeth Warren Bostonian of the Year because she “pledged to look out for the middle class and brought a sense of sanity to the economic crisis.”

The Boston Globe continues to show their support for Elizabeth Warren because she “recognizes that [protecting consumer interests] contributes to the health of the financial system.”

Bloomberg wants Americans to know that Elizabeth Warren is an everyday-woman fighting a not-so-everyday battle to empower consumers.

The New York Times understands that Elizabeth Warren has not only the qualifications but also the passion to ensure that the CFPB does what it was created to do–what Elizabeth Warren wanted it to do when she came up with the idea for such an agency.  They supported her nomination in a recent editorial, as well.

Many Democratic lawmakers are backing Elizabeth Warren because she is simply “indispensable.”

Michael Konczal of New Deal 2.0 thinks Elizabeth Warren is a “far superior choice” than Michael Barr, the Treasury’s Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions, because she recognizes and is a strong critic of the flaws of the failing Home Affordability Modification Program (HAMP).

Ralph Nader has advised President Obama to “give taxpayers, consumers, and investors a reason to believe that you are truly interested in consumer protection by nominating Professor Elizabeth Warren to be the Director of the much-anticipated Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

The News Journal recently wrote about the need for a tough regulator like Elizabeth Warren.

The AFL-CIO supports Elizabeth Warren’s nomination, as well.