Community Activists Offer to Sell Goldman Sachs the Brooklyn Bridge

Advocates Take a Page Out of Goldman’s Own Playbook, Offer to Sell Them the Brooklyn Bridge

Community activists rallied at the worldwide headquarters of Goldman Sachs, who last week were sued by the SEC for civil fraud, and displayed a banner of the famous N.Y. bridge as they replicated the unscrupulous (and often fraudulent) practices – utilized by Goldman and other Wall St. firms – that brought down the world’s economy.

WHAT: Members of NY Communities for Change and the Working Families Party offer to sell the Brooklyn Bridge to Goldman Sachs and call on the Senate to pass a comprehensive financial reform bill on the eve of President Obama’s visit to New York.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 21 at 1:30 pm

WHERE: Goldman Sachs Worldwide Headquarters, 200 West St. New York, NY

WHO: The Working Families Party, NY Communities for Change members and community activists.

See below for photos from this event.