Roll Call: Financial Lobbyists Man the Battle Stations

Americans for Financial Reform appeared in this Roll Call article.  Excerpt:

Consumer advocates are counting on Dodd to help push back on industry’s attempt to narrow reform. Groups such as Americans for Financial Reform have already started reaching out to the Banking panel’s staff to establish a dialogue on specific financial reform issues.

In particular, the AFR is hoping to maintain the consumer protection agency’s viability and also push back on concessions that were made in the House exempting auto dealers from oversight by the CFPA.

“We intend to fix those before it’s final,” said Ed Mierzwinski, consumer program director at U.S. Public Interest Research Groups.

But industry lobbyists’ concerns over Dodd’s populist stance may be mollified if he is unable to get Shelby on board with his bill. “When they get together and they agree, major things happen,” one industry lobbyist said. But if there are major disagreements and the bill has to move forward without Republican support, Shelby is likely to use his perch to slow the process down, the lobbyist said.