Investor Protection Under Attack in Investor Protection Act Amendments

Dear House Financial Services Committee Member:

As you continue consideration of the Investor Protection Act this week, decisions you make on pending roll call votes will determine whether this legislation lives up to its name. Unfortunately, several of the bill’s central provisions have already been weakened, and all but one of the scheduled roll call votes represents an attack on important investor protections. As representatives of organizations that represent the interests of both large and small investors, we urge you to:

  • Vote yes on the Waters-Peters proxy access amendment.
  • Vote no on the Garrett-Adler and Maloney-Garrett amendments to reduce protections against accounting fraud.
  • Vote no on the Price and Lee amendments to deny investors the choice of where to resolve disputes.
  • Vote no on the Lee amendment to deny defrauded investors affordable legal representation.
  • Vote no on the Garrett-Neugebauer amendment to under-fund the SEC.
  • Vote no on the Garrett amendment to exempt introducing brokers from audit requirements.

The following provides further details on several of the issues of highest priority for our organizations.

Click here for the rest of the letter and signer information (pdf).